José Arce died, life sentence for his wife's crime


The widow José Arce, convicted the life of her wife's crime, Rosana Galliano, confirmed in 2008 at his home in the town of Exaltación de la Cruz, Buenos Aires, He died this Saturday for ACV in a hospital in Pilar, legal information and police information.

The speakers said that Arce (70) was in hospital since Thursday for a stroke that left the hospital at Sanguinetti Hospital in the " party previously mentioned in northern Buenos Aires, and died on Saturday.

Also, since then a widow was convicted and a housekeeper, his death should be investigated as all prisoners, so the procurator Andrés Quintana asked, once in the Permanent Obligation Unit (UFI) 2 who had been appointed, The San Isidro Medical Department is concerned that the autopsy would be made in response

The coverage covered by the judicial officer in the case is the case; Arce death investigation is the only "reason for search reasons", which provided legal and police resources to Telam.

The widow and his mother, Elsa Aguilar (87), who was sentenced to life imprisonment, They performed their sentences with the benefit of the housekeeper with electronic monitoring, due to health reasons and for age.

Rosana Galliano's crime (29) was tested on 16 January 2008 in his home in his & # 39; "El Remanso" community, of Exaltation of the Cross, where the Arche agreed that he was going to take her; Their children are mostly.

The victim received a call to her cell phone by her husband and cWhen she left the house to talk – there was a lot of indoors – she was surprised by a dead man who was dead.

Monica, sister of Rosana, who was with her at night, gave details of the "excuses" that Arce put every day to defer her children and her children there's an apology to go to; calling his wife out at night. .

When a case was examined in the Court, Provincial Alliance, the judges realized that both "decompensation" and "gul" were published by Arce in a hospital in which he was discovered when he was told about the death of his "montage" wife.

Although there are the author has not yet been found for crime, the judges stated "it was clear that Arce could not and he did not want to take care of his death and that he was as good as his mother and his money for that ".

"Arce and his mother, however, had no doubt, strong reasons for the victim who killed the victim and was recited and worked in what he was doing. represents violence of sex violence, "said Casation.

They said that there was a "full testimony of evidence" of the events based on the statements made by relatives and friends of the victim, who explained the struggle between Arce and Galliano after their division.

As the perpetrators of crime, the brothers Paulo (35) and Gabriel Leguizamón (41) were confirmed, but were resolved after several witnesses had taken evidence.

At the same time, in December 2015 the High Court of Justice of Nation, signed by the president of the time, Ricardo Lorenzetti, and the ministers Elena Highton of Nolasco and Juan Carlos Maqueda, had left the conviction to Arce and her mother post

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