José Luis Espert: "Macri is the archeology of a prebendary family from Argentina"


In a corner of a bar based in Libertador and Bulnes, José Luis Espert will roll out shoes with bright cheese. The place is important to people who look and recognize it, possibly because of the television campaigns that are going on; at present. But there is nothing that this Liberal economist could draw from the interview with Group:, in which he tells about it new challenge: party creation and & # 39; launches his president's president. "I do not want everyone to go but I want to change everything," he writes the quote in his after & # 39; first sip of tea.

-Do you want to change?

-All. I want to cut it with Argentinian decline.

-Deaching its creation?

-Mar an oil machine for evil, surveillance, with three very clear winners to remove the rest of the society with siren songs: preliminary businessmen, trade unions and politicians.

-What are the siren songs?

– "The current state"; "Income distribution"; "Change import"; "Social justice". They are all legends. It's an opium for a & # 39; society can believe that this is possible and still at the feet of those three corporations that smoke in pipes, as I mentioned my book Argentina spoke.

-Tha says you're getting an antisystem.

-Sa, I'm completely systematic. Not that I am anti-political, anti-entrepreneurial and anti-union. I am a systematic system of this system, which has already been creating almost one hundred years of confusion, 30% of poverty, pain, mind, or towns in all places and drugs.

-All that's like "everyone who is going."

– It's not the pollution I want. Not all they are going to do; to see. Everything needs to be changed, not everyone leaves. I live everyone. But you have to change everything.

– Who will help you in this passage?

-A lot of people. Gustavo Segré, Martin Litwak, Diego Giacomini, Hector Rubini, Guillermo Nielsen … We are 25.

-As your desire to be …

– … it is my wish to be a candidate for a president.

-I can see that Macri's government is not fond of. Le Cristina Kirchner the best?

– For me it's neutral: it's not better or worse. For people, from the middle to bottom, everything is worse now. Those who think we are connected to those who have a relaxation to think calmly. But he who has no rest gets a worse time today than with Cristina.

-An government, it was very clear that he got. It's a lie that I did not know what I was doing; get. What happens to them have chosen to do the iron alone. They said: "Do not put a noise, be fun, let's get business." And they went wrong.

– It is probably a large part of the UIA that is similar to the Kirchnerism clear and this is not Kirchnerism with good modes that have been a macrismo.

-But Mendez was very sorry about Kirchnerism.

-In a minute he changed. At first it was not as hard as Kirchnerism. It is very difficult for me that a leader of the UIA says how beautiful.

– A businessman can not enjoy their & # 39; Kirchner?

No Everyone can think of Kirchnerism. It is a legal group, a group of convicts.

– And why did 49% of the population vote for the Kirchner in the last election leader?

-A company completely wrong. It's crying and beautiful. The society has a negative impact on its & # 39; Understand this system that affects it and its # 39; affecting it.

– Do you think many people have voted for Kirchner because they have improved their level of life?

Yes of course. But why do I talk about her & # 39; such society as was cleared: because he has no expectation, because education has been destroyed. Amongst the major changes that we need to do, we must educate the landlord.

– Mac a 'Ghobhainn said you have to pay taxes. Do you agree?

-An Argentina, the vacant person works more than half the year just to pay fees even if you do not understand it. This is a society that is stolen by taxes. The need for taxes is lower.

– Why not get rid of them?

-This case is that lower taxes are in such a fierce, beautiful scenario that can not be done without reducing its & cost. And that's where the political class has never wanted to get involved. They prefer changes to cost in crisis. The tax weight in Argentine is wild. I quit the meetings. This government had a sickness register. The fee can not be on the check. Total income generates cost-making; pay the user out.

– Should the Income Tax be extinguished?

-The companies are payable, the jobs are not. If it's a bad society. Argentina should have a tax on natural people profits of 500 thousand pesos.

-What happened with the reservoir?

-No there were investments. Those who came into the financial bicycle. Iron iron was not seen here but only a little in Vaca Muerta. He who does a business outdoors will eat glasses.

-That happened? Macri was set up as the headquarters of the CEO, who came to power with the leaflet of the campaigns of people, original entrepreneur …

– There are explanations: the fact that we ended the 2018 with a cash crisis that we gave to the IMF, and thank you to & # 39; falling, who had been falling; the financial income tax, which you said you were not sending; the increase of Personal Bodies, The One Advance; to join the unions to the government; The piqueteros were co-managed by the Carolina Stanley hand … Who would such investment?

"Let me, do you think Stanley is co-governing with the piqueteros?

Stanley is co-governing with the piqueteros. Carolina Stanely (laughter) is a move.

-Grobo says, if there is no breach, thanks to the social movements, in which. It does not appear to be a friendly statement to the Government.

– Grabois needs to be imprisoned for street cuts, so that people do not let go easily. Section 14 of the Constitution.

– Grabois has the right to petition and look, right?

But here is a right that is wholly converted completely to the obviously: the right of people to be able to; live in peace and travel with her; car. I think that Grabois's right is to have a better right to do; complaint. The only thing is the photographer, the person who gets the plan, and another political party, who is the Grabois, the Persians and all that. What is this about the integration of the plans? The plans were born in crisis 2002. But from here to date …

– Do not you think it's right for people who need plans to be organized and represented?

No, I believe that this has been made to governments of lament and stress. Eye, it's an interesting debate and that's also happening in a trade union. Many entrepreneurs say: "I prefer to negotiate with a car transferee, one, there are five unions in the company, some of which can be left. "

-You are friends with union activity. A long time ago he said that there should be no equality.

-Noooooo No, no, I said that the State must not be involved in equality.

– Sometimes, if the State is not involved, co-collections will not open, and that hurts the staff. Now, it is true, that it is clearly or obviously, its top position on private sector salary increases against staff.

– I think it's getting a floor. But the State does not.

– Is he known as a candidate who can be on the right side of Macri?

-Macri being Kirchner with good methods, I'm on the right side of Macri. there is

-What is your comment in politics?

-Swimming. I like how Chile works.

– Who do you vote for in 2015?

-The secret ballot (long in silence) … Well, I vote for Macri, I'm not sure, because he knew his problems. But the previous thing was really great for me.

-What went wrong with Macri?

– Originally, its history. Macri is the archeology of the Argentine pre-bundle family. Family who made fortune in the heat of business with the State.

– It is not surprising then that the Macri surname appears as the purpose of the notebooks.

– I'm amazed at all.

-You are consultants and relate to the business world Do you? talk about bubbles?

I've never been worried about the system. But something was discussed.

– It does not come together with the State, which is. paying bubbles, a very voluntary pronunciation, right?

-There are part of our business as part of the problem. It's hard to talk to everyone but on average there is no Argentinean business community community. You do not seem to have your Lascurain prisoner, who was the president of the UIA. The UIA is the archeology of a business-based businessman, who always wants subsidies, the Banade, closing the economy. It is not a decision that Wagner, a construction entrepreneur, is a prisoner, a division that is weeping that the State was wearing bicks to make business. On the other hand, agricultural entrepreneurs, lifelong representatives or carers, who are involved in the purpose of notebooks – where a wealthy man has made money in another way and buying fields – because it is a competitive world, very different from the world of political significance of those prehistoric entrepreneurs.

-The United States is always a reference to liberalism. But is there a Liberal or defensive Trump?

-Tha mise Trump than he says: #I am tired of lamenting. I will open the economy for trade as any other country in the world and all of them protect yourself for what I am exporting. "Then it's enough, it has a big economy and does not have to stay as open to the world. It costs the lowest targets in the world to include , still today.

– Your opening preaching. Do you agree to open more & # 39; market in Argentina or do we need to submit more protection policies?

-Argentine to make Copernican change. I do not welcome the economy and there is nothing else. I want to open the economy in the competition; is introduced by lower tax pressures, with lower operating costs. If we talk in those terms, yes. Now, open this economy today, or nostalgia.

– Talk about operating costs. I think it's one of the people who are going to be. trying to do a work reform.

-We need to break down the complete structure of laws laws that Argentina's labor institutes have built. Law of general working agreements, law of social work and law of professional society. The employment law does not work as it was designed. A third of the jobs that work in black, and half of those workers are poor.

– Do you believe that the problem is working laws?

-The scaffolding is a problem but not the same. Reforms are made at three stages: economic opening, fiscal reform and labor. And we need to make a positive redevelopment of education.

– Do you think there are more changes to be made than those already done?

-The change has already happened. This year's huge value has created a declining decline, when the huge revenue fell.

– I do not have the smallest idea. I know that Argentina needs to restructure it; debt.

-This is the hard credit on Macri. Do you recognize something?

-Trapped without crisis; The change in international relations – before we were connected to the world's faculty and now, fortunately-; Having been brought out of the foundation, on building a relationship with a country, the most lively region in Argentina.

– I'm out of the economy. One of the debates on the # 39; year that has been banned. Are you willing or opposed?

– Try. But it is understood: it is not a mobilization that destroys motion. I do not stop it. I have two children, I like my family. My wife has two other children from the first marriage I want. I have love for unfinished life. It is more important why I am favorable than saying that I am in a position; support. If a person thinks someone is sensitive, one should say in good wishes because they are not the girls who are in good faith; dying by destroying class-class girls, those who do not have resources and put anything to hurt. Prevents injury that encourages fire injuries. And if we're not a brooch, no prisoner is for anyone. He recognizes truth.

– I ask for a brief explanation of some politicians. We started with Hugo Moyano.

-You need to be a jail, like Grabois. I do not know if it's there or not, but he added article on Section 14 of the Constitution. It has blocked the free movement of goods when it prevented the leaving of newspapers, from supermarket stores.

-Adjusted but very favorable to protocol. I like the protocol but I do not think it's a? Holding a lot in time and less in an election year. He said he was going to finish with the bars and did not finish with the bars.

– Another man who wanted to be beautiful. The worst thing that happened to Argentina in democracy is Kirchner and Kirchnerism.

-The yellow Evita. Deamocra everything that can be. But he looks good at him. I have never voted

-Billiken: talk about everything without material.

– Is it considered unthinkable?

No, but It is part of the problem of confusion.

-But with Menem it was a distinctive feeling.

Menem has reformed an amazing and spectacular market structure in the 90's. It was an example of the world and the talents of energy consultees that were produced. But he destroyed everything with his fiscal policy of his lack of eviction by Cavallo, and the others followed. In a society here, along with Kirchner's psychopaths, it was wrong to read why he had happened in 2001. They said it was for his & her; free market. And no, the deficit is the deficit.

-This Liberal dialogue, what is the voter profile that you think will be with him in 2019?

-The people who say we're only sorry to take macristas are sad but I do not. believe that. We'll do it longer and we're going to do it; going to fight the president.

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