Jose Mourinho welcomes a fierce after the long-term goal


In the League League Champions League Group, Manchester United was over the Old Trafford Young Boy.

Big League 4 out of the group on the road has a big influence in its name; group to break Juventus to & # 39; eliminating ManU, the game came out with its main password password.


The team did not find a game in the game in the British team match, 90 + 1 loves Fellaini and not to, meet the 1-0 impact on the left and left the band.

Fellaini, who was the last 16 on the door, opened the goal of a technical technician, Jose Mourinho, later. Mourinho was delighted to throw a bottle of water from the last minute.

Jose Mourinho, Juventus after their game, affected the fans of Juventus & # 39; I can not hear the words.

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