Joseph Pátrovic got a gold buzzard!


During the week we told you the talent of the storyteller Jozef Pátrovic at Czechoslovakia in the next round. That's how it happened, but the singer, who has been playing 7 times in this project, has something that all competitors have done; dream. Pátrovich took a gold star home.

Many ask if Patrovic is a n; paying for attending a talent show or indeed talking to Czechoslovak people voluntarily. "Mr Pátrovic is going to compete in a talent competition regularly. We are delighted that this tour also, as part of the exhibition at the Tàilleas of the Czech Republic, " tells us as PR director T.JJ Katarína Gajdošíková.

Jozef Patrovic

Returning to Talent for the seventh time, Pátrovic paid prominently. After Joseph again launched the Arius Opeic, he had a wonderful recommendation. "Joha, I have to tell you something. I have already organized my gold game this year. I have been lamenting and I know. But Jozo, I will do something else. Look, Jozko, I'm the gold singer, Jozko, I can not hit it again, but you know what? Jozo agamsa, I can give you, " Jakub Prachař sent a voice to him, and then sent out a gold show from the jury's account, which he really gave to Pátrovic.

Although others would jump out of the fortune, a talented partner on the dryer said tidily and emotionally. "Shoes and thanks," he said, and with a gold star walking to the rulers.

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