Joshua Kouchner: The youngest boy runs family contracts with Saudi Arabia


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Joshua Kouchner (right) with his brother Jared, installed with his mother Cyril

Jared Kouchner, the US president's nephew Donald Trump, is responsible for political relations in the Middle East. The newspapers describe the visits that Kouchner makes to the area very often, reflecting his close relation to Prince Sahami's Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

But secretly his youngest brother, Joshua, works to cement business and decide where the nation is as one of the parties.

Compared with his brothers, Jared and Nicole, Joshua did not take part in the family business that aims for real investment. He was head of his business in technology, founded the company, invested in a number of technological projects, led by an Integral site.

So far, Joshua's family capital has not increased to US $ 5 million.

Despite what he does on technology, he doesn't publish tweets through his Twitter account. The little wool always tries to encourage its objects.

Three days before Jared Kouchner visited Saudi Arabia in October 2017, Joshua in Saudi Arabia was talking about technology deposits and giving officials of Saudi some information on possible deals.

After Joshua's departure, during the economic conference Jared was in the UK, bin Salman identified his country's target of billing millions of dollars in investment in such technical projects. T country.

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Some lawyers reveal a conflict of interest, especially with Jared Kouchner part of the money he sent into his brother's capital.

A spokesperson for the company said Joshua's talks in Saudi Arabia did not focus on formal investment. But a year after it visited the nation, the company sent $ 1 billion into it.

New York Times reported that Joshua was speaking enthusiastically to the Saudi officials about Oscar Health Services, which he launched in 2012 and which received funding of $ 165 million after five months of the tour.

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Joshua doesn't seem to be appearing with his modal friend Carly Claus

A spokesman for Joshua Kouchner said Oscar Health Services had received any direct investment from Saudi funders. He confirmed that the company had not accepted new Saudi investors since the announcement of the 2016 US president.

But the company didn't answer questions about whether they had received a new investment from the same investors.

In addition to conflicts of interest, Jared Kouchner acquired profits from his investment $ 8.2 million to Capital Capital while working in White House, in a financial statement published in May 2008. t

Jared Kouchner has regularly stopped any legal suspicion. They confirmed that his work in the White House does not include access to any information about Saudi deposits.

Joshua Kouchner, born in 1985, prefers to keep a quiet life out of his eyes. It does not appear at parties or rallies and does not drink alcohol. He does not appear much with his friend Carly Claus.

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