Journal fever in the newspaper: A & # 39; The first issue was reinforced in the Coast


The first issue of yellow fever in Paraná in 2019 was confirmed Tuesday (29). The information from the State Health Department (Sesa), which marked the situation last Saturday (26), in the town of Antonina The Post-21-year-old disease hit the # 39; vaccine against yellow fever. He is in hospital with a Regional Hospital, and there are only light signs.

Her case was found among the vaccine attempts that Antonina started on Friday (25) after she confirmed that there were three local monkeys in the area. It is worth remembering that mice does not give up the disease, not just a mosquito that is a chest of the disease.

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Since then, the town has immunized its vaccination scheme, and standards have been created to create in the basic health units. To help populate as soon as possible; as possible, Sixteen teams put to consolidate work on the coast. In Antonina, for example, teams are distributed through the shops and the rural sector to put the dose into those who can not post. Similar attempts are made in other coastal areas – such as Pontal do Paraná, which have health units attending hourly hours, to 10pm.

In addition, Sesa created a Health Emergency Workplace (Caolas) in the 1st Paranaguá Regional Health Center, in particular to monitor the disease. The final case of the disease was identified in Parana in 2015. But, at the time, the fever was contracted out of the state.

Private vaccine

Sesa warns the need for her & # 39; vaccine quickly, as the dose now does not start to & # 39; come after 10 days of the application. Everyone should be vaccinated between nine months and 59 years, 11 months and 29 days. People over 60 and women who are infected with medication should be introduced to get their vaccine. Your vaccine must be taken only once, and so no one who is in need of it is necessary; The vaccine already has the dose again. If you do not have a memory or do not know if you've got the dose, you should go to a health and well-being center. ask a vaccine.

The caution is also extended to strategic groups of people in areas of danger, such as truck drivers to Port of Paranaguá, Public Safety officers and company employees. circulated in Atlantic Forest. So far, however, mills have not been found dead.


Although Curitiba is outside the risk zone of illness, a vaccine in the town has been confirmed. Vaccine is available in the 110 basic home health units and can be taken from Monday to Friday, during office hours of the vaccine department of each post.

Previously, there was a vaccine menu in the capital to prevent dose avoidance, because each vial has five doses that should be used within six hours after its expiration. first use. However, due to the increase in the cases of illness in the São Paulo le Paraná situation, this strengthening was there.

Marks and what to do

It is a fever in the symbols of illness by Getting started quickly in people who have never been vaccinated against yellow fever or her; Vaccinated for less than 10 days and has been in woodland areas, rivers or areas of virus verification in the last 15 days.

These conditions should be related to two or more signs such as illness, nose, appraisal, joint pain, pain of a woman, lower pain on the back, shellfish or blood.

The Ministry of Health provides guidance on the CIEVS, which is constantly responsible, with all information on dead mergers and events that are under suspicion. The phones (41) 99117-3500 and (41) 99917-0444.


It is important to note that mice does not provide yellow fever: just as men, they are polluted by mosquit mines of the Haemagogus genus and Sabethes (wild yellow fever) and Aedes aegypti (urban yellow fever), which is a & # 39; behavior of virus. A mine will end to her; going on to show that the disease is in a particular area and should not be killed.

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