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The bodies of the inspector assigned to Cicpc Aragua and his companion were found in the Barinas state

The groups found that they were detected by Detective Leyrri Osmar Bauter Ramírez, linked to Axis about Luaidh of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) Body. Aragua and his brother, Albayearling Tiapa Méndez, aged 27, were located on a Thursday morning a river of the Barinas state.

Unofficial sources indicate that fishermen in the area, most of the most spectacular, were in a river in the river; town Alberto Arvelo Torrealba de la larara area; as long as other neighbors had a & # 39; find an expert torso.

Quickly, the scientific police started the searches since a file was opened by the loss of the civil servant and a woman who was a company, and as they did for the last time in that state .

As a result, they met the groups and they were contacted by Aragüeña entity detainee.


The mother of the young Tea Tezez said she sent a phone call to her at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday night November 14, her daughter told her that she was already back from the phone area and that she was In early morning on Thursday morning; there.

However, it was not like that, and after a few moments of trouble, A woman officially complains about going after her daughter.

Also, a police force colleague commented that the find-in was on the road, as he would have asked for his private carriage; Brand Fiat, Modal symbols, gray color, AD895LV plug; for a personal nature case.

However, the next day when he attempted to contact Bauter Ramírez, he got the phone phone off or out of the service, which is why he went to the The office where the officer worked and when they did not get information about it, they decided to open a file as needed and give a complete search of its sound sound.


According to unofficial sources, the detective had gone to the Barinas state for once a "criminal case" with a criminal group, and they were in the agreed place and there was a "financial exchange", the official continued to leave the site and returned to the City City.

Similarly, the journey has never been made, however, the "persecution" was made by the "delinquents", who took the trip and after a few hours, the bodies were banned, leaving their & # 39; women in the river and apart from just a human torso, without arms, legs or head.


It was learned that the officer who gave his car to Bauter Ramírez was in custody, however, I do not know why these reasons are.

In addition, an unofficial source was sure that a male man would be killed in the planning area, as it seems that one of the people who are responsible for the double murder & # 39; there. In the same way, the information will be clarified by the scientific police of the Aragua state.

The bodies were transferred to the Forensic Medicine Sabaneta to know their relatives

The Cicpc officers in appropriate investigation are responsible

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