Journalist and activist against her / her vaccine and who died with a flu


Payton, 26, died on Friday, December 28, according to doctors, due to H1N1 flu, also known as swine flu, which is a problem with brain disease.

He put an end to the death of Bre Payton when he expired age and was exposed to vaccinations openly.

As the media was explained in that country, the conservation media had a prominent place and served on 2015 at The Federalist, also participating in Fox News, Fox Business Channel and One America News Network.

But not only the impact of his age and suddenly, but also because of his / her age; Payton clearly expresses that he refuses vaccines.

In his Twitter account in 2011 he published the "devil's" vaccines, "and" mentions a state campaign that urged people to get a vaccine for their cough.

Although she was only 19 years old when she did that, Payton was a number of times like the face of a public health. It was very important, for example, with the fact that medical care is accessible to human rights.

The views on social networks were present and they identified the consistent situation. The product could be avoided by what she was saying: a vaccine. For flu virus H1N1, a sub-range of influenza virus, has been a vaccine for many years.

The symptoms are similar to those with normal flu, they are fair and are about a week. However, there are more people, especially with basic health problems, at a greater risk of severe illness. What would have happened in the case of Payton.


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