Journalists report hazards about medical centers: thousands of incidents reported in Belgium


Bloody poisonous brooches, batteries of helpers who are suffering from blood poisoning; failing or including implanting defective behaviors.

According to the results of an international survey carried out by a consortium of audited journalists, implants have applied for more than 1.5 million injuries and 83,000 deaths in 10 years worldwide.

A market leader, an American American Medtronics company, is at the heart of this crack.

4,000 events were recorded in Belgium in 5 years

In Belgrade, four-year media implants were conducted in five years. And this may be just a ice cream with only 10 to 20% of incidents reported, according to one of the Directors of a Federal Drugs and Product Group directors with our colleagues at Le Soir, who participated in this huge international survey.

These implants are, in fact, very wide range of materials, but virtually no control of the health authorities. "Medical devices benefit from a variety of medicines completely different from drugs. Although you place a drug on your market, clinical tests must be done and show efficacy, for medical devices, exposure and safety of practice must be shown only without the effectiveness of the device itself ".explains Stéphane Horel, a journalist at Monde who also worked in this study.

Fill mandarin as vaginal implant

The proof by the story of a journalist who started the investigation. "He was a native American journalist who had a mandarin net cutting and released it as a vaginal installation, and went to watch for groups informed companies, which are commercial companies, with pictures of this extract and those organizations have contacted it. sure there was no problem for obtaining a certificate ", says Stéphane Horel.

As a result of this, almost 250 journalists have tried to measure the amount of damage caused by these implants. And so the figures that the analysts give is just a & # 39; to blow my mind.

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