Jože Tanko asked that he would take off Möderndorfer. The session was stopped.


The National Assembly of America's United Nations Immigration Conference lasted for a half hour, because the vice president of SMC, Jan Möderndorfer, was not back from the session, how to Vice-President of the Parliament, Jože Tanko, who chaired the meeting. He asked this because the MP had a & # 39; Using dirty bids about another Member's opinion.

Möderndorfer, who was critical of the statements that opposed his covenant, said Janez Janša, the convener of the session, spoke about the lack of foundation for decisions. "Mr Grims, Mr Prince are the subjects and everyone else, in fact, it's not a base, because I do not know what we're doing here," said Möderndorfer.

The slim, who was in charge of the session, said that the SMC claimant was also in his / her recommendation of a previously requested method of absence; talk inconvenient and ask him to take this into account. Möderndorfer asked this, because, according to that, vice-head of the NHS Zmago Jelincic was superb.

Janez Janša


Janša announces referendum on the UN migration agreement #foto #video




He asked for an excuse

Thanko said he would take Möderndorfer out of the way. According to Tank, the word "Prince of Darkness" is a constraint. He also asked that Möderndorfer complained about a member who named him.

Since SMC did not care for him, the Deputy President of the National Assembly requested two reminiscents and removed the word. He asked the services of the National Assembly to be withdrawn from the session. Initially, the session was hanged for five minutes, and then for five, because they did not. Finally, he stopped the meeting for half an hour and set up a meeting of representatives of the former groups.

At 14.50 the session was suspended for another half an hour, told Deputy Secretary of the National Assembly Tina Heferle. Then, about 15:20, the message was announced that the session was set aside by 4pm and would continue after that.

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