JP Morgan named that he will launch himself


There was one story that brought back the financial world this week, JP Morgan Chase This is the first bank in the world to have a clear decline: JPM Coin.

In the first few months the first tests will begin the cryptocurrency, and they will have limited use. In addition, JPM Coin will be recorded on the dollar.

Jamie dimon, The company's Chief Executive, was able to exchange for a dollar, cryptocurrency value should not be changed. This concept is similar to other sustainable funds.

Tatar Farooq, Project Manager JP Morgan Blockchain, telling that Businesses can be made between institutional investors such as investment assets, pension assets, hedge funds and large companies.

"It's not just money in the JPM base: it is digital money that represents US dollars in the special accounts in JPMorgan Chase. JPM Coin's value is always one dollar in the US"explains Farooq.

"When a client sends money to another user blocks, the JPM mountains have been directly moved and exchanged for the same in US dollars, which reduces the time of traditional rules, "he says.

Farooq says that it was the final use, or the ones originally considered, so that the large dollars that they put into their subsidiary companies worldwide could the cryptocurrency.

JP Morgan hopes that the cryptocurrency can be distributed with money in addition to the dollar in the future.

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