Juan Acosta said the video of Thelma Fardin "creates doubts": "It's very theatrical"


An actor and actress Juan Acosta He has been denied earlier, after making a joke that many thought he was uncertain. At that time, he failed colleagues and journalists. And now he has again suffered the money some of them had.

An interview with Fernando Prensa on the "Lack of Respect" radio program (open link) discusses the complaint from Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés: "I fully agree that the rapist is called, but We are waiting for a Justice to work, if you do not commit crime, "he said.


But that did not take care of the people who followed him; Carefully and open the waters: "I saw," said over the video, "not so I'm thinking but I can not It's a way to say. It's a doubt about me as it says, but I do not know it, maybe it's like that, I see it a very theatrical. "

He even thought about Darthés' response. "When I see the video of Juan Darthés, and he says so unobtrusive, you say that this person is not lying, because there is no doubt, but maybe it is a psychopath in the man and you will not find out the stick for him, "he said. He said: "We will start from the base that I do not welcome Darthés, I'm weird here … they're like Boca-River playing and I'm from San Lorenzo. "

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