Juan Darthés's wife defended after being cited by breaking Thelma Fardin: "This is back to him"


In the middle of the weakness of the terrorist Thelma Fardin made against Juan Darthés, the aunt's wife came out to defend him and said that the allegations, as well as being wrong kind of "vendetta" against her husband.

Darthés published himself just a few hours after his press conference in which they indicated the criminal complaint against him and his Twitter account: "It is not true as it was said, by God! It's crazy, it did not happen. Give me let's wait for justice times. Thank you @FernandBurlando to listen to me. "

Now his wife, María Leone, who helped him. He did this Wednesday through a message sent to his program Pamela in the evening. "It's a lie. They are disturbed. This is an application for Juan. I have no more information so far, "wrote it.

In the recording, telling her and her actress Thelma Fardin in detail how the crime was going; suffered by his colleague. "For 9 years I sent it away so I can move forward, until I heard another girl expressing the same person and that was a slap for me." In 2009 she was touring with a very successful children's program, I was 16 years old, I was a child. He was the only adult actor who was a traveling with us 45 years old. One night he began to kiss his neck and kiss him; tell me He took my hand, he made me talk to him and he said to look at how you sent me, "and" let me go ". Feeling it is built. I kept saying it was not. He threw me on the bed, he ran my little hair and started to use oral sex. I kept saying it was not, "he started the Fanny story.

"He put my fingers in. I did not say anyway. Tell me that your children are my age. He was not cared for. He climbed me up and went on to me. At that time, someone put out the door and I could leave that room. Many thanks to someone speaking, today I can talk, and when I said I found myself surrounded by people who were willing to join me, to look after me and especially to give me my love, "he said.

It's not the first defense; there

However, this is not a # 39; The first time Leone needed to support her husband. He also supported him when his first complaint came to light in July 2013. "They are facts and ideas. In fact, I heard something, but everything is right. Do the same with yourself and nothing, it's a lie, "he said to the site City Magazine when his actress Calu Rivero left the "Sweet Love" novel forever.

At that time, Rivero had been in opposition to Darthés that there were "mistaken ideas" in the recording of the scenes and the actress's wife said: "We talked to Juan, but when things are not ; get help, you will comment on them as anything. To those things, you can laugh and say: & # 39; Look & # 39;. You will not go out and answer this because it does not make any sense. "

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