Juan Gabriel's official Twitter account welcomed and received good wishes for 2019 Society


The facts about re-appearing Juan Gabriel They received strength after the publications made by "El divo de Juárez" to release 2018.

Times by the end of the year, the Mexican division through his official Twitter account A series of messengers and good wishes for 2019, who surprised his followers, who think this is a sign.

In his first tweet, he wrote: "Today, there is clarity and new success of flooding to homes with love, credit and, in particular, good health." Congratulate to have a Happy New Year in partnership to all loved ones of the beloved ones. # I'm JuanGabriel #PorLosSiglos #ElDivoDeJuarez #MusicaMexicana ".

While he wrote second: "life gives us the opportunity to develop ourselves and If we come well, we will never die"

Remember that the singer really coming to life last December 15, since his previous manager appeared. However, it did not happen and put the date on 7 January.

JuanGa died on August 28, 2018 after he was arrested for a severe mococardial arrest while he was a native in Santa Monica, California.

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