Juan Román Riquelme tells Marcelo Díaz to explain what she is saying; to play a "ball".


It is one of the people who know most of how they play football Juan Román Riquelme. Does everyone know, from the middle of the page; Argentine garden in all areas where it turned off.

The old Boca Juniors breathed Fox Fox with his loss of his team; love against the River Plate for the Libertadores Cup. However, his statements appeared in our country as Marcelo Diaz commented on him.

Riquelme analyzed the role of different Boca players as Nahitan Nández and Edwin Cardona. And he was in the middle of his argument that Argentine used his example as a midfielder on the U.

"For me, it's the biggest member, you can not lose. You can not lose, football is played by a member, just one, and the best way to protect if have a man. If I get it, you can not attack me, you can not hurt, when I see Cardona's football player; Missing a member and becoming wild as they said & # 39; I can not lose it, I like those players"He said.

It was there where Riquelme arrived to say that I like players like Marcelo Díaz who have caught the ball and have ever tried to give a good pass.

"See the 5 of Races, Chile Diaz … it does not take a & # 39; so you can return it and that's my favorite player, and I'll give it to you but you can bring it again if you can not follow it and that well is it I'm delighted to be & # 39; see their game", He finished.

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