Juan Tagle: "Beñat wanted freedom to see other options"


Surprisingly, they were brought in The Catholic University names Beñat San José He won the base of the Catholic University despite being crowned as a warrior just a week ago.

So at a news conference president Cruzados Juan Tagle He explained the reasons given by the Spanish coach: "He has shown that he has no agreement with another club, but he wanted to be a free choice. I went to Sunday to do it because I was delighted if I was in a position; left me, I would have to pay her full year with a contract ".

"It's a football, a week ago we highlight the star and today we are giving hard news, and yesterday; tell us the coach that he expects to use his right to terminate the contract in advance. Since he came to Spain, he told us he was a evaluate the option to use that right"

Despite her & # 39; stroke that means leaving a & # 39; coach, the president clearly stated that he would "be taken away from the respect and respect of what Beñat did, a dirty year of great work in . Beñat has won a place in the history of the Catholic. Club doors are always open to it. "

Did they try to keep it? "We had a clear contract and the debate was not on that line, it clearly stated it and it was not a cause to make an effort or not for it."

New DT Profile: "We will look for a coach that respects the history of the Catholicism, which gives us value to the quarry and that is very professional".

San José disturbed due to a lack of reinforcement: "The competition was just over, we worked with the consensus players, I regulate that this is a reason, because the competition is just a # 39 ; come to an end. "

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