Judicial Justice confirmed the warrant of a proxy arrest – Télam


A store near the Federal Court No. 1 of Response said that the federal judge realized "the justice of the department can not afford to write a habeas corpus to Juan José Castelli's manager to avoid" and "National Gendarmerie has ordered a # 39; catch hold on Nievas ".

The district judge of Guarantees, Maria Pereyra, had a corpus habeas corpus for Nievas on Friday night and ordered "to leave effectively any order that falls on the same mention, as long as it is still under the validity of the negatives to the article No. 38 of the Chaco District Constitution. "

At the beginning of his case, the procurator, Patricio Sabadini, said that the crimes that were called "independent" Chaco Foundation protection and that Nievas should be retained, Criterion agreed by yesterday's afternoon with the Regimental Applications Chamber Revived

The former town of the town of Chaco in the past yesterday that the Federal Appeals Court did not send control in a prison door and appealed to its program of Guarantees a & # 39; Find your body to support immunity protection.

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