Julio César Rodríguez and Fran García Huidobro received a joy in Primer Plano: there were tears in


Julio César Rodríguez asked for two weeks of careers and after that time he does not know how to attack the Greatest face of the world by Francisca García Huidobro.

The facts suggest that the room would end after the end of the season (as it would be a chapters). And before this situation, this Friday program has a specific feature, as this is a # 39; The first trip of July and Fran together.

This is what Rodriguez explained: "I will be no longer at least until this episode is over, but I want to say that I have been very happy, because it is I met amazing figures both in front, behind the scenes, my friends and everyone here. It has been amazing to meet them, they have a different spirit Let's attack or cause people to feel bad, we try to smile ".

It was obviously shifted, Julio added to him "What we do with Fran, it never happened to me. To view a partner and know what we are going to do say or do it. I'm afraid I can not live there again. "

On his part, Francisca García Huidobro described the time she lived in the place and even even shouting long and She talks to her driving partner.

"I'd also like to thank you, Julio. I've been driving this program for 12 years, no one has a bad impact on me. But what did you do , what will happen between our two, something that I always give. We do not stop trying to see it, because we have more responsibility (…) or We've done something that does not really think it can not happen. There are two in love, making their own love rather than anything. Joaquín is always proud, "he added. the "Fran"

"I recommend you as anyone I liked in this wind. You are far more dry," said Garcia Huidobro to watch Julio Cesar.

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