Julio Garay, the engineer who makes a young cookie that will fight anemia in 30 days Peru


Julio Garay Barrios, a Ayacucho woman, was found anemia when I was five years old and turned 40 years later, he turned into an industrial-scale engineer, got his revenge and with his biscuits Nutri Hierro battles the evil. attacking four of ten children.

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Garay Barrios was studying at the National University of San Cristóbal de Huamanga with thanks for Beca 18. To find out the formula of Nutri Hierro he spent three years in a bakery laboratory. More than 300 types of cookies didn't work. but he did not give away.

Last year he got the formula. The cup that could stop it anemia it has 13 ingredients, including reinforced wheat flour, lentils, sangrecita, quiwicha, egg, egg, chia. All of the above in protein, minerals and vitamin C content for better inclusion. He did not discover that a formula was the most complex form, he was aware of a fire experiment that he was working on.

They therefore chose the human settlement of Mollepata and then the heart of Allpachaca people, where most of the children were descended. anemia (10.8 of hemoglobin). The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that the lowest level of hemoglobin in a child is 11. With the help of the health center, they were drunk and for 30 days they were allowed to cookies. using. The results were higher than expected. The children raised their hemoglobin to 15.


Of the baking trials, Julio Garay met the bureaucratic guidelines. He processed the hygiene records, bar code and had to be created in Indecopi. The results are recorded in a note that verifies that they are doing. With all legal rights it started selling it in the markets. He put them in a plastic bag with some slabs which he had designed.

The story of the fighting biscuit anemia He shouted to the attention of the laboratories in Lima and some complained that he would examine it, confirming that the biscuits with the largest amount of iron in the market were. There was more demand. Garay started to take her colleagues away from the university and, with the private backing, he designed a new design for his products, new packaging, and has a business center capable of producing 10,000 sacks per hour.

"At the moment we are making 4,000 cookies per day. The price of cookies should be S / 2.00, but we bring it to S / 1.00 to get most children. We market to the big chains because our goal is to reach the people who need it most, to the most remote areas, but we cannot see it just because we are looking for working with the authorities, "said Garay.


While the young Ayacucho engineer is affecting regional authority doors, two countries already have an interest in his products. Bolivia and Ecuador want your cookie. If the negotiations are concluded, it would be in the month that Nutri Hierro would export.

He does not sleep on his wishes. Garay works on two more biscuits. One of which is DHA for information, which stimulates the brain. The other is for vegans, which contain no blood, but another type of iron is of vegetable origin.

With his older brother Juan Carlos (28), a guide, they will strengthen their project. They collect and harvest their products organically to improve the quality of their cookies. Their farm, where they will make cocoa, will be extended to other products.

Julio Garay joined Arequipa as the regional governor Elmer Cáceres Llica has an interest in making cookies. In 2017, this section was the largest single to reduce the numbers anemia. It reduced to 34.2%, but in 2018 increased to 40%.

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