Jung Joon-Young arrested for illegal shooting and the release of sex images


Singer Jung Jun-Òg, who has been sent for filing and distributing sex images illegally, was arrested at 8:50 pm on the afternoon of the 21st.

A judge, Lim Min-sung, director of Seoul District Court, said, "A large part of the crime is needed," having set up a commission for Chung, which is built by cameras, in the specific sexual offenses offenses offense offense.

"There is a fear that the evidence will be destroyed in the light of the relevant evidence provided by the suspect, the crime situation including crime information, and the progress of the survey to date," Lim said. T . "The nature of the crime," If you combine the reasons, the reason for the suspected person will be arrested and identified. "

"I am sorry, I have delivered an unbelievable crime. I am taking up all the complaints I have made," Jung said after arriving in the Supreme Court in Seocho-dong, Seoul at 9: May 21st. "I will follow the review." "Women who are the victims of my bad suffering and the victims of a second injury are caused by a wounded injury, having been apologized to everyone who has shown an interest and shown so far will go. "

Jung, who was questioned by the suspect before being arrested, moved to court at 12:17 pm. He did not answer any questions as he acknowledges that the allegations are being destroyed, at least whether he compelled to court, or if he knew that his lawyer had been recorded. T Chung, who had back his court after reading the door with a tied end in a black suit, was tied to a position and pulled by police policemen prepared for police. Jung Jun-young, who arrived at Jongno Police Station in Seoul at 12:50 on the same day, moved his head to the prison center without answering the reporters' question, saying that Courtesy of the people wearing it.

Kim, Burning Sun's accused, Chung, also was arrested on the same day. Lim said, “Many of the offenses have been called, and there are fears that the evidence will be destroyed in light of the circumstances before and after the crime, the progress of the research so far, and the attorney's opinion. it is suspected of searches and inquiries, "he said.

Jung has been annoying that she has claimed illegal films in the KakaoTalk conversation room with the old big bang won. It was reported that Kim illegally illegally lodged with Chung in this lounge.

In late 2015, Jeong also revealed that he took illegal pictures in the KakaoTalk conversation room, referring to his sexual relations. Chung was defeated at the time.

On the other hand, both Jangmo and Yang Yong, the wounded sales director of the club, were not arrested. Judge Shin Jong-hee, who made the warrant, said: "The most important thing is that the club staff are opposed to the guest, and there is controversy over the issue of where the club is situated. Considering an attack, obtaining evidence as CCTV images, and considering the views of the person suspected of the suspected inspection, residential and family process, and the power of the individual. crime, the reason for preventing the suspect at this stage. It is difficult to identify the significance. "

Lim's judge, who made the warrant for Yoon, said, “In a situation where the defendant was waiving some of the offenses but without direct physical evidence, most of the offenses were t statements like the crime, there may be a dispute over whether the people are suspicious and the degree of outlay due to time and content. ', ie for example, the ability to represent representation can't be completely barred as a result of the situation, "It seems likely that there is room to comment," he said. "If we summarize the progress of a series of investigation investigation institutes from the first investigation such as the examination of the suspect, consider a statement in the questioning, residency and family of the suspected person, It is difficult to report. recognizes the cause of arrest and extent in the suspect.

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