Juno NASA captures the image of STUNNING because it is grow over Jupiter's cloud clouds


Spacecraft Juno NASA has seized an amazing video of Jupiter's notable clouds, as long as the planet has been. recently gone.

The spacecraft is currently in a full-elliptical 53-day orbit around Jupiter.

Each orbit includes a visit to & # 39; crosses the Jupiter cloud cloud, where it travels between poles; planet north and south.

On 21 December, Juno will take 16th of his plan, at that time he will be 3,140 miles above the cloud clouds.

Jupiter clouds are clouded

Jack Connerney, Juno's former Vice President, said: "Throughout the 16th century we have science, Jupiter's total global broadcasting, though resolved, with polar packs is split by 22.5 degrees long.

"Over half of our primary purpose – scientists flybys 17 to 32 – we will divide the difference, which flows directly to the orbit between the previous orbit.

"This will broadcast broadcasting the planet every 11.25 blurred step, giving a more detailed picture of what makes Jupiter completely strive."

The spacecraft is currently in a full-elliptical 53-day orbit around Jupiter

Every time, Juno's data collection is important about Jupiter, and # 39; including the structure and indoor atmosphere.

Scott Bolton, Juno's Chief Inspector, said: "We have written the textbooks about how Jupiter's business works, and the complexity and inconsistency of his garden.

"The second half of the information we can use to understand our understanding of the depths of Jupiter's regional winds, the generation of its academic range, and the structure and development of the interior."

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