Juraj Kucka can not be in this calendar year


Kucka did not play the League of Nations game against Ukraine last year when he hit his right and suffered a chronic obesity.

21 November 2018 at 13:23 SITA

TRABZON. The Slovak Juraj Kucka football player can not even be in this calendar year.

Throughout the official website, a 31-year-old Native American club member from Bojnice, Turk Trabzonspor, an experienced midfielder needs to be able to; spend three to six weeks for injuries.

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Kucka did not play the game of the League of Nations with Ukraine last week (4: 1) when he hit the right and suffered muscle wounds from women.

He retired in the game in the 30th minute of the duel shortly after the sixth place booklet increased to a continuous 2-0.

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