Jurkemik and Galis made a critical criticism for Weiss for their behavior: Ronaldo does not allow this to be allowed!


Ladislav Jurkemik
Ladislav Jurkemik

BRATISLAVA – The Slovenian Ladislav Jurkemik football team says Vladimír Weiss has not been overwhelmed by the replacement shop for the stadium in Prague during the Monday-Czech-Slovakia meeting ( 1: 0) in the League of European Nations.

"In any case, he is a representative from a representative and can not afford to do so, but a player that does not fit his teams, if he is not on the park, but his team – he should be in a friendly relationship to focus on and now can not be angry that the coach can make a decision different , but the players do not have to be excited, but accepting it, they must accept that the coach's idea is and wants to take it to the meeting, " Jurkemik, who acknowledges the response of SR Pavel Hapal coach team responding to Weissov who did not notice the departure: "The trainer focuses on its activity, not on what's going on the back of it."

Such a Jacoviec, which was not overshadowed by a Sovereign representation from its beginning; February 2002 to the end of 2003, on a similar case. "I did not know what Stoch had done on John Kozak who had previously been a coach he refused in the final minutes of the game when he put him on the park, and sent him away the players out of the team and after their game they said they would go up, because Pavel Hapal was a great football player and he did a lot in football , " emphasis on Jurkemik 65 years.

Most of Al-Gharafa Weiss's player Al-Gharafa Weiss gave him a donation that he did not. get into the garden or in one of the two divisions of November B of the League of the European Nations, but did not play on a home game on Friday in Trnava against Ukraine (4: 1). National Slovak Team Dušan Galis (A SR team is expected to run two times: from 1 January 1999 to 23 February 1999 and from 1 January 2004 to 12 October 2006) the 29-year-old wing to protect his activity. "It was not clear why the person left, but he does not change that he should sit on his bend, do it, and reinforce it, it is in one part with the boys and talk to each other. So, all falcons and when they are failing, we do not? We should report and Everything is explained, with it, as it is the country's representative, " said 68-year-old Galis and added: "I also believe that he should be a representative in Europe, not in Qatar."

Another former former Slovak football team, Stanislav Griga (co-ordinator with Michal Hipp from 26 April 2012 to 13 June 2013) says that this is an issue that does not have to bring his head to the sand and to its own nothing did not happen. "There are a few things going on in the football, and the shoes have to deal with them and this is one of them, but that's a question for Pavel Hapal," Griga said, a 57-year sports site, and added: "We've done such an inconvenience because the players left for a disco and they did not follow the system, they are big players and great money and I think Does it happen in one of the national teams, but it would be unfair to me for this struggle he advised the coach of the current team, something like that & # 39 ; coach Ján Kozák and Vlado Weiss st .. That's not a special for a Slovak team. "

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