Just as Corintians, Carille does not remember the structure in Arabia


When he left the Korean for Al Wehda (HEIs) in May, Fabio Carille's coach said he had been abandoned by the "two money" and for the chance to return football in Saudi Arabia. Six months after that, the coach does not have to make a complaint in finance, but it is difficult to structure it; club disturbing her. He is near to return hunting to Timon's stewardship in 2019.

Carille is near to return to Corinthians (Photo: Daniel Augusto Jr / Ag. Corinthians)

Carille is near to return to Corinthians (Photo: Daniel Augusto Jr / Ag. Corinthians)

Picture: LANCE!

Carille joined Leandro Da Silva, Cuca, the training Walmir Cruz, coach guardian Mauri Lima, technical observer Mauro da Silva and Denis Luup's performance analyst. He was thinking of doing a high level at Al Wehda and founded at least equivalent to a Korean. However, there was no progress in the structural part of its club, such as geography and sports equipment.

The lack of Al Wehda's performance is the cause of Carille's cause and its commission in Saudi Arabia. With the agreement that comes up between its & # 39; coach and the Corinthians, members of the technical committee; return to Brazil. The board of directors of both Accolades and Carille and its technical committee are aware of their return in 2019. Also because Timão is still led by Jair Ventura, who should be given the next week against Grêmio, in a duel that is effective for the last round of Brasileirao.

Jair, even, was able to stay in the boardroom. But after the connection to Chapecoense on Sunday last year, the director Duílio Monteiro Alves introduced the opportunity to leave the coach; club at the end of this season.

Another reason that causes the parties to know enough is that Carille's end is well with Al Wehda. If the coach is broken to & # 39; The Saudi club is worth $ 700,000, about $ 2.7 million.


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