Just Cause 4 Action Film


Just Case 4 near the first official tour and that's the reason Enix Square to carry out its actions to promote its & # 39; game. This time they have gone far and ever They put together some of the videogame game with real actors.

The video will develop later Rico Rodriguez (the main character) is a base destruction Black Hand and their headteacher, Gabriela Morales, go to bunker to ask the soldiers for an explanation.

At that time they are reporting, surprisingly, the active actions that are in fact; appear in the game. It looks like it's from the richness of Rico, its unfinished creativity and also the climate philosophy that hit the game.

Just Cause 4 comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 4 December, although those who bought the GOLD convert will enjoy the enjoyment of the 3rd month of the month.

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