Just € 486 per mobile phone OnePlus 6T thanks to this sale


Good contract: just € 486 per powerful OnePlus 6T powerful phone phone thanks to this sale

OnePlus 6T digital phone

This is an improvement on the Great OnePlus 6 with a larger screen, smaller pattern, larger battery and new branch-type module technology. OnePlus 6T's biggest screen is the OnePlus perpetrator ever placed in smartphone. With a level greater than 6.41 inches, this exhibition will provide media audiences, photographers and players. The smartphones that connect to the sensor with the underwriter under the camera, is driven by the powerful power of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, gives lots of RAM and storage … The OnePlus 6T is n & # 39; Smart smartphone is undoubtedly very high.

The Gearbest trader is currently selling a film In terms of smart OnePlus 6T phones with 6 GB + 128 GB. Thanks to this sale, he can see that a & # 39; price declining just 486.75 euros (except optional shipping warranty). Take a beautiful look without even noticeing in the winter sales period in France. Also, using the "EU priority Line" delivery method is Gearbest's & # 39; offer you the shipping costs.

To take advantage of this sale, you have to do this Gearbest Page. As this is a sale, there is no copy of the advertising code to take advantage of this promotion. A small warning: a movie has often been the case of a movie sale, it is limited in stock. Progress can end at any time.

The OnePlus 6T is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 process with 8 cores moved at 2.8 GHz. Connect to & # 39; process, size of 6 GB of RAM and size of 128 GB of storage. For a presentation, the smartphone is equipped with a definition screen 6.41 inch 2340 x 1080 pixels. With regard to the shooting, we note that a double image sensation is 12.0 megapixel + 13.0 megapixel and a; back panel, and 16.0 megapixel sensor on front panel. On the battery side, the final of 3700 mAh is capable of.

Gearbest: the merchant's time climbing

The Gearbest maker is growing more and more; enjoyed in France. We understand why: this Chinese merchant has a & # 39; offers good electrical equipment, from mobile devices to four home-based pedagogies, at typically cheaper prices than offering large e-commerce classes. For information: these are materials that, in the confirmation of your basket, are for many that will be imported from Asia. Note that Gearbest is currently increasing the number of freighthouses on its mainland, and # 39; allows delivery time only a few days.

This is the special place in the Gearbest site. We know Amazon Amazon's famous Amazon and eBay sellers, as well as Cdiscount. It is a Chinese company in the Gearbest, for its part, which is expand significantly on Chinese borders. You can find that the prices displayed are growing suddenly from one day to another. This is the impact that will change the currency between the euro that is displayed for an Internet user and a dollar used for reporting.

Also: it shows that the number of materials that are available is important … and at the same time reduces it. The simple definition: you will find a famous Chinese motto such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus on handhelds, or DJI for drones, but you will not see key brands like Apple or Samsung. On the other hand, the results of Chinese unfamiliar Chinese companies, are very attractive, visually and at a cost lower than the same as we know well in the brands.

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