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TGT – Eagles stay away from sparrows and crows, and you have to stay away from the people who are in a hurry. hindering you. Remember, the eagle can only be heard by another eagle.

To stay like the eagle: just fly with the other Eagle, use the stormy wind to lift the high shield - Picture 1.

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The eagles are the laird of the bird, the sun bird. Eagles only carry out their behavior; look straight to the sun without going to & # 39; shouting without fear of burning blind eyes. The eagle looks to her; Sun is also a sign of receipts just light wisdom.

The eagle is a valuable symbol, on behalf of the gods and the greatest hero, and symbolizes the state of spiritual excellence. The eagle is the protection bird. The spread of the soul is the guide of the soul, the predator.

The eagle reflects strength, confidence, visibility, unfortunate and valuable life-life lessons. In addition, eagles are on the other side. It depicts the emotions suddenly, the enthusiasm that is; draw the spirit, a symbol of astonishment, under violence, a violent predator, robbing.

With the unique, crucial principles, the life of these incredible birds is important for the younger generation on the road to success.

Rule 1: Take advantage of the difficult problems to make use of it.

The eagle is the only bird that wants the storm. Although the birds are usually hiding in the leaves, branches and areas of the tree, the eagle is happy that stormy wind is raised higher; Fortress of the storm's power to build the clouds.

Notice: We can use the storms to build it up to a new height. Enjoy the fulfillment of the challenges and stomachs into profits for us.

Rule 2: Eagles go straight with the eagle

Dai Bang only flies at a high altitude, does not fly with sparrows, or a combination of smaller birds such as geese, ducks. To them, the other birds block the range, the wings, the flight distance, and so eagles can away with their own species – the same species.

Impact: Keep rid of the grouse and lazy beds as well as the need to stay away from people who block your work. Dai Bang does not navigate with the other eagle.

To stay like the eagle: just fly with the other Eagle, use the stormy wind to lift the higher shield - Picture 2.

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Rule 3: Always changing and learning

Eagles do not eat dead things. Not only who will feed new prey. Remember that vultures often eat dead animals, but there is no eagle. Be careful about your own and your smartphones, especially the settings in your movies and television, it seems that it will not be true for the time.

Meaning: We always need to remember that old and out-of-date age. Update yourself constantly by learning and changing constantly.

Rule 4: Eagles are very visible

Dai Bang has a distance vision, capable of focusing something up to 5km. When he finds a prey, he is even a message from time to time, a & # 39; draw attention to the prey and set up a method to catch that prey.

Whatever its obstacles it may have, the eagle will not change its target until it catches it.

Leeds: Exit vision and enhancement at work will not be a problem that will hinder you and succeed.

Rule 5: Careful consideration when you rely on another eagle

The eagle is always proofing before it is up to another.

How Great Eagle happens to a man and the couple want friendship, the female flies will go to the ground as long as the man is to continue. He stole a dry branch and jumped up above, the men still stick to the & # 39; behind. When he reaches the height you want, he will put down his string and let it go.

The men saw it, and down, running the branches, until they caught it; finger before falling on the ground. The males give a & # 39; This tree is up to the eagle.

Dai Bang Cai will still steal her & her; This branch and sails up to a higher level. He continued to disperse the branches to allow the men to oppose.

This lasted for hours, rising up to the proof of the eagle that the male eagle had been in a position; Reflection on branches, humanity, patience, use. pipes. It's not long until women give men the chance with him.

Carving: It should be based on commitment, credit, long-term sustainability in private or business life, to cooperate with success.

To stay like the eagle: just fly with the other Eagle, use the stormy wind to build the higher wings - Picture 3.

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Regulation 6: Take pain to change.

When it was ready to knock eggs, eagle and eagle placed a very high place on its rock – where it was not; predators can attack it. People go down to the ground, and Building strong branches and putting them on the rocky shores. Above these lines of dry branches there is a series of soft grass. Many layers of hard and soft grass are split together. Finally, the male eagle will put it up to finish the nest building.

Both eagles and eagles participate in a & # 39; the protection of the eagle. Females are responsible for catching eggs and protecting them; accept their work to build the nests and their & nbsp; bait. While he was & # 39; Teach the eagle to fly, Eagle Mother threw the eagle out of the nest. As anxious, the eagle fears, goes back in, but it is thrown out with his mother Eagle.

At this time, Eagle Mother will take away the soft edges in the nest, leaving only a few months. When you go into the nest, Eagle Eagles will be thrown into the meat. Scratching and typing; grind, Mam Eagle will force them to go; pushed away from the rock.

While they were & # 39; shooting in the middle, the eagle went out and brought them back to the rocks. This is going on so that the eagles can start to & # 39; hitting the wings and flying. These are the skills necessary for the eagle to be strong, flying with its own wings before the storm.

Impact: It is a change and a continuous movement in its; this life. The thrombocytes of spirit tell us that this life is full of spiders and friends. If you do not raise yourself for their power, devolved to deal with problems … we've been "swallowed up".

The feathers and feathers in the other nest tell us that the setting seems to be very comfortable and safe but it may still be thrown away. The hidden curbs that are hidden are hidden, so in any other way, we need to grow and fly out of his nest.

People see us when we put them ahead of the challenge. In fact, it's not hard work, hard or pain, but the good ambitions, for our training. We want to be strong, adult. So let's go ahead!

Rule # 7: Recognize yourself, click on the old and prepare for the first one

Eagles preparing for old age …

When the older eagle grew, the feathers grew weak and it revealed that there was a fall. This means they are not as fast as it was before. At that time, he reached a remote, hidden place in the cave and spit out his body's hair. They hide, & # 39; shoe itself to grow the new coat body. Just when the plumage returned, he left the cave and started to find the sky, storms and bad hunt.

Remember: Sometimes we have to move the old customs, the effects that will be our responsibility. By eliminating things that are not essential in life, we get something new and more interesting.

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