Just for 153 years, the Victoria Tattersall Club will again have allowed women to enter



November 27, 2018 13:49:15

Brisbane's Tattersall & Club, who wants more than a hundred and a half years of allowing membership to be a male, voted this month to decide whether to grant permission for women to enter.

The last time the club has voted on is & # 39; 12 years ago when the motion was refused.

But president of the club, Stuart Fraser, said the club would not "have dropped on this route unless the members wanted them".

"We have run a consultation process with our members and have an email, telephone calls, and then we've been investigating this way back," he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

"1,644 members participated in the survey and provided us with a wide range of ideas and not only on women's membership, but as members of their club use and how they are preparing."

The club was founded in 1865 "by a group of gentlemen" which was evident in the large horse racing industry in Queensland.

"It's about being a Tattersall, healthy, successful club, and what we want to see more members come to the club," said Mr Fraser.

"We have been over 15 years with more members leaving our club than we receive new members, annually.

"We see a reduction in support for the club. I want to see that move back."

Why did women get out?

Mr Fraser said that when the club started the start of 153 years, there was no mixed workplace and it was not the race industry.

"Gaye Waterhouse or Michelle Payne did not have 40 or 50 years ago, but it's now," he said.

"Unless you change, unfortunately, your society will move without your attack.

"At Tattersall we do not defend that anyway."

Conveners had mixed ideas to ABC Radio Brisbane about the case:

Kerry: "I do not understand why all clubs need to be a mixed species. We have education available as one-sex schools. Everyone is entitled to choice."

Merrell: "Keep it as a men's club. People need the room themselves, just as women do."

Iain: "Is the attitude of a president's attitude? Because it is different from many other members."

Leadership is promoting a vote

In a video message sent by members to this week, Mr Fraser asked his / her; a member to vote.

He also added members to respect each other's ideas and confidentiality; voting.

"I have enough support for members who have different scenarios of this but we need to respect each other's privacy, and freedom of speech is not a defense for the preservation of another member's privacy, "he said.

"Leave some of the members if it does or if it does not arise. Some of my members have been retiring from the club but now they stop their job so that the product is known. "

He said that women are already able to visit their club.

"It's not just a male admission club for over thirty decades now," he said.

"Women are welcome through the club and non-members can save work, it is not a problem."

The club, which is made up of a number of restaurants, bars, accommodation and an activity center, still retains a restaurant that is reserved for its male membership only.

Any argument

Mr Fraser said the club had previously learned.

"I think men are entitled to a male club only – there is no doubt about it," he said.

"That's why we want the members what they want, and there has been a large group who said they want to change the club."

He said the club has changed dramatically over the last 153 years.

"It has moved places several times, and when it started it started and stopped. It was originally created for horse races but it has grown to many more than those days," he said.

Mr Fraser said he had had dinner with a group of recent members that had a combined membership of 1,000 members, and their ideas were different.

"If you thought there was one idea that they put all, you would be wrong. There were different ideas in a range of issues, including this one," he said.

"Whatever side you are sitting on this case, this option must be respected."

His vote will be held on December 19.


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