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According to the old man. Head of Service Procurator State of Ukraine Myroslav Prodan, who was remedied abroad "was depressed".

Overview. Myroslav Prodan, Head of Procurator of State of Ukraine, said on Facebook on November 26 that he had returned to Kiev from Germany.

Three surgical interventions began under general anesthesia … As a result of certifying experts from Ukrainian, Name me again, it was uncertain. And only because of the professionalism of Germanic experts we discovered the real cause of the ever-suffering diseases and provide the appropriate remedy. , but now it does not have to be in a medical center. Symptoms move from the clinic about the illness to his / her; Special Anti-Corruption Uru Justice ", – Sold.

He also said that, after he had been denied by the GFS, he was "an opportunity to deal with a problem that had already gone to an ongoing level."

"Unfortunately, I used my medicine abroad. In several months I offered the Landlord's Finance Office and the SAP to take evidence from me. Who asked me to block scrutiny activities , I filed complaints and I suspected in July, August, September, October? You waited, if you had your evidence base on your hands? And so you are in a position; Waiting, because there is no evidence base. You've been waiting for the right moment to remove a scannal and the backdrop of a hysteria background and tell me about a criminal, "sold West – –

Accordingly, he traveled to German legally.

"The first menu was recorded in the GPU on November 6, and I was already in Germany on May 5th. Then they threw a fake in the media" letters which was sold by a trustee. "But, they can not explain how they got it. After all, I have not taken any of my smart phones. And the dreams are more and more unfortunate Every time. See what's – break. Tell the letters that are not really difficult, "said an old GFS leader.

He said that "if you're thinking someone gets access to the SFS's headquartered smartphone, after seeing what politicians and state-makers sometimes turn off, the effects, I believe, completely different. "

"Who is and why do I make evidence, delete my name and create me problems? I gave customers a year ago when the CIS impeded the most powerful smuggling scheme at that time. Users are the powerful smuggling clans that are linked to law enforcement and politicians. Step by step, we prevented them from getting the chance billions for money from corruption. It is a case against my answer. Year back I was warned that there would be a "reply" so sure, but those people were killed. 39; camping on, and they did not expect it. And faster or longer I will prove my case ", – a summary of Prodan.

For sale on behalf of SFS from March 20175 September, 2018 he laughed off on their own.

On November 16, the SAP published in absentia Prodanu about suspicion of illegal wealth. His lawyer said that the officer did not get suspicious.

On November 13, journalist Yevgeny Plinsky said the left-wing leader of the CIS had left Ukraine for Moldova, although On November 14, a question was put. Sold in the Office of Anti-Corrosion Anti-Corrosion Center, which could be held later.

The Border State Service said that Prodan turned to an end to Moldovan. The official said he went to Germany for healing.

November 19th SAP called Sold for questioning, he said he still did not come to the office, but come to questionas soon as he returns to Ukraine after the end of his & her; cure.

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