Justice & # 39; Set closed locks for Vasco x Fluminense for final Guanabara Cup Carioca Concert


The court was a ruled that Vasco x Fluminense Sunday, for the final of Guanabara Cup, to be played by closed gates, without fans. The game is registered for Maracanã at 17h. The move is due to the dispute between the two clubs to distribute their fans in the southern part of the stadium.

The decision was given by the claimant, Lucia Helena for Passo. The judge also decided to return the amounts paid by fans who already bought tickets. Cruz-Maltino, who was set up as an intrinsic principle, was selling to the southern department to Vasco fans despite a friend-friendly court regulation. Tricolor, frightened president, is called on to "cancer" for "war", to be present at the same stadium in the north.

Vasco was thrown out when he was under legal control trying to stop his / her; Fuminense's lawsuit allowed his fans to use the southern Maracanã department, based on a club agreement with the Maracanã Company, which was signed in 2013.

In response, the Tricolor asked, since the contract was signed, "tricolor fans have ensured that the southern section of the stadium (…) is right in the Fluminense games that -where, as a principle or not "and need to finish its game with closed gates.

The complainant understood that the agreement was to establish the need for an agreement with Fluminense to be able to; using the interior department with Basque fans, and decides that there is a "quiet contract on his / her opinion." Also mentioned "publications are published in social networks that show threat at risk and violence between Vasco da Gama and Fluminense fans" and the position of the leaders who, according to her, "Promoting conflict and causing violence among fans" As, for security measurement, the game confirms with closed gates.

An extract from the agreement between Fluminense and Complexo Maracanã is currently in the decision of a judge: "In the official comparisons, against any other Rio de Janeiro Clubs, FLUMINENSE fans reach themselves and settle themselves in the southern section of the Stadium (UERJ side), in total, through the routes, accessibility and corresponding ramps, unless otherwise stated by: (i) Public Bodies specifically for security purposes; (ii) unless specifically agreed between FLUMINENSE and the visiting team; and (iii) in the cases where FLUMINENSE is a visitor, the CONCESSIONAIRE, for commercial purposes, may agree with FLUMINENSE and its main club, the protection of FLUMINENSE rights on the provisions of this contract "

On Saturday, the Fluminense and Vasco leaders, Pedro Abad and Alexandre Campello, were invited to Rio De Janeiro Representative Football Federation (FERJ) for a meeting with the head of the entity, Rubens Lopes, and Maracanã Complex, Mauro Dorzé. The meeting concluded without agreement between the parties.

Fluminense allowed the following official statement:

Fluminense FC reports, in agreement with the contract and legal conclusions with Maracanã and Vasco da Gama, as a big step and a. seek the safety of all the fans and to maintain the right, ask, among other applications, that the final A take you away with closed gates. The complainant accepted the request from Fluminense, who turned Vasco's refusal to complete his / her request; Avoiding a legal decision preventing the acquisition of its fans to the southern section of Maracanã.

Although the Club was waiting to make a decision to & # 39; Clerk of duty – said just in the morning, we put out the number of tickets sold in Laranjeiras. So, after we have decided to keep that decision, we will not be launching today's ticket sales at Laranjeiras. We are sorry that the party's party does not happen in the crest game is bigger, but we are sure that the tricolor fans are in a position; supporting and fluminens beside that imbroglio.

Understanding the disruption between Flù and Vasco for the southern part of Maracanã

Fluminense and Vasco are different from their fans' right to use the southern section of Maracanã in classrooms between clubs. The Tricolor argues with a contractual condition, as long as the Cruz-Maltino is historically correct.

The division dates back to 1950. At the time, it was decided that Rio's concert would have the right to play. choose where they were in the position of the fans and Vasco selected for the right of the newspaper holes. In 2013, however, Fluminense contributed a contract with his / her consortium; ran the playground that explained the Tricolor to use the southern section of the stadium, on the right of the huts, and Flamengo, the northern section.

Since the re-opening of Maracanã, Flu and Vasco perform nine classes in the playground. In all of them, despite imbroglios, Regardless of what principle, the population was often resident in South Division.

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