Justice rejected a request from Cristina Kirchner and her & # 39; The first oral test was against it at the end of the month


Federal Federal Court 2 today rejected the request of former President Cristina Kirchner to suspend his first oral test, scheduled for 26 February. The lawyer from the old president wanted the beginning of the hearings in his case in the defense dungeon for the public works granted to Lázaro Báez in Santa Cross

The defense of the old president had requested that the process not begin until all the evidence to be examined in the case was completed. No doubt, aware of some public works being asked. He said that he is affecting his right of protection without being able to; confirmation.

The work is not yet completed and the judges have requested the Corps of Expert Experts of the High Court; Justice when they planned to deliver their findings.

The reply came Friday. They said the results will be in the second week of June. Judges of their oral tribunal realized that the test between the end would be; February and that day, at the beginning of witness testimony, a degree in which the idea is an important expert to the parties.

Before the accused appears, the allegations will be read and the parties will declare the statements. With these arguments, the Court rejected the request.

"It is therefore considered that the known evidence will be included in advance

The guide will begin at a test production level, as such

that he uses the right of protection and his full control

is widely protected, such as experts

Co-ordination differences will be determined after their inspection

technical ", the judges said Jorge Gorini, Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu and Jorge Tassara in his mission.

Both the procurator fiscal, Diego Luciani, as the complaints from the Financial Information Unit (UIF) and the Anti-Corrosion Office (OA) – two national government bodies that are private prosecutors – have requested the refusal request to be rejected.

The test for the public works for the unregistered delivery of 52 contracts by the Ministry of Federal Planning, led by Julio De Vido, for Báez companies in Santa Cruz for 46 billion pesos in the 12th anniversary of the Néstor and Cristina Kirchner governments .

In addition to Cristina Kirchner, Báez and De Vido, José López will be considered, Abel Fatala, Néstor Periotti and Carlos Kirchner, co-cousin formerly former President Néstor Kirchner and kept the reason (all previous officers of Federal Planning), among others. The offenses considered to be involved in an unlawful society and a proven administration are determined by being proven to adversely affect public administration.

The judges are over the judges, Gorini, Giménez Uriburu and Tassara and Luciani.

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