Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Headed For Divorce?


Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin divorce

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Is it already "over" between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin? One of this week's tabloids claims the newlyweds are headed for divorce. But it's untrue. In fact, in the past few days alone, Bieber and Baldwin's words and actions have shown they're truly committed to one another.

According to the latest issue of Life & Style, two months after Baldwin and Bieber wed before a judge in a New York courthouse, the young couple appears to be "headed back before a judge, this time to get a divorce." A so-called "source" is quoted as telling the magazine that the singer and his model wife "both realize they might have made a huge mistake." The unidentified tipster asserts, "They should've waited until they were older."

But right at the end of its article, which furnishes no proof whatsoever that Bieber and Baldwin are seriously considering getting a divorce, the tabloid's "source" adds, "Hopefully, they can find a way to salvage what's left of their marriage." Of course, the publication is doing nothing more than covering itself should they not split up anytime soon. And glaringly, the outlet does not mention what would be needed to "salvage" their marriage. If the issue is the 24-year-old Bieber and 21-year-old Baldwin "should've waited until they were older," it's not like they can suddenly get older.

Unlike the magazine, which is basing its entire article on an anonymous and possibly manufactured "source," Gossip Cop will put its trust in Baldwin and Bieber themselves. In October, Baldwin filed a trademark to use the last name Bieber for a possible clothing line one day. This past Thursday, Baldwin wore a denim jacket with the name "Bieber" embroidered on its back for the opening of a new Levi's store in New York. And the following day, the model changed her name on her Instagram account to "Hailey Bieber."

For his part, far from being a guy whose marriage is "over" and headed towards divorce, on Thursday Bieber gushed on Instagram, "My wife is awesome." And on the same day that his wife changed her last name on the social media site, Bieber posted a comment on Baldwin's Instagram page that read, "u turn me on," in response to a picture she shared of herself doing a photoshoot for the coat company Nicole Benisti. Again, Gossip Cop will take Baldwin and Bieber's remarks over an unnamed "source" for a tabloid that's been wrong before about the singer.

Last November, for example, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it published a completely false cover story about how Bieber was going to make Selena Gomez a "pregnant bride." We also corrected the outlet when it wrongly maintained on another cover that Kourtney Kardashian was pregnant with Bieber's baby. While it's possible one day they could break up, the tabloid's claim that Bieber and Baldwin are on the verge of divorce is totally untrue.


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