Justin Bieber has released a genre before he marries: "It's better for my soul."


Los Angeles 11 February, 2019 (HSP / Photograph: TASR / AP- Vincent Yu)

The pop pop, Justin Bieber, was astonished when he told her before her marriage to Haley Baldwin modeling that he prevented life ("celibacy") during the year to honor to God

Canadian Singer, Justin Bieber

In a Vogue magazine interview about her wedding at her. His last year in June 2018, Bieber introduced that he left a premarital species for one year. Not only did his / her success; spiritual obedience, but realized that the loss of God to grievance was to bring people free from being slaves of their passion.

"He did not ask us not to add sex because he wants the rules. It's like trying to save you from injuries and pain. Thinking that sex is causing a lot of pain, "said Bieber.

Accordingly, pre-persistent species is often used as a bar for people who are inactive. dealing with lack of understanding, and says that he wants to "cure a body again" and that God will cleanse soul.

"Sometimes people have sex because they do not feel enough because they do not have their own value. Both women and women do it. I wanted to return to God for this reason because I had to & It feels that he was better for my soul and I believe that God will finally bless me and Hailey. We are rewarding for good behaviors, "continued Bieber.

Both, himself and Hailey, wanted their love to be rich with church marriages. "It's a common name, I promise you, always church," said Hailey.

DailyWire also includes what Hailey wrote to Instagram: "God created us our nationality for its purpose, beauty, character and story, because there is a specific plan and purpose of Everyone who created and does not make mistakes! "

She also recognized that she was often compared to others and wanted to be similar to them. She felt a lot of need compared to the others. But finally she realized that she was a special and handsome team in her own way.

"It would not be incredible if girls and young women could find the same thing for themselves and not build up each other to look like other women and not They're so similar, "she said.

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