Juventus is searching for Rashford


Juventus is searching for Rashford
At the recent tournament between Juventus and M.U in Turin in the European League, Rashford was just on his way; bays. But Rushford, Serie A defender, has been very quick and has been very happy with the talent of the striker.
The Rashford contract with M.U ends on the 2020 Summer. This contract is subject to one year extension. However, it is clear that Rashford does not expand his / her; contract to the Reds. Your future of Old Trafford is very quick.

It is easy to understand that Rashford did not M.U. From the beginning of the session he only played five games in the Premier League. However, Rashford has not played 90 minutes. M.U had no established position when Jose Mourinho was used everywhere on the field, from the left, the left and center onwards. Rashford's doing is unhappy. Rashford was released under Van Gaal coach over two years ago. But since Mourinho came, the struggle does not appear to have a great deal. So, its ability to leave is completely possible.

Remember, one of the teammates of Rashford's team left at M.U. Paul Pogba also Old Trafford to go to Juventus. In Italy, Pogba got the chance to play regularly and gradually increase the star of the world. This can be a mirror for Rashford to continue. Among other developments involved, M.U and Juventus, Tuttosport, spoke that Pogba was a " Speaking to the previous Bianconeri partners he wanted to return. Can the Italian giants Pogba and Rashford be employed?

I have to compete with Real

Juventus must compete with Real Madrid in Rashford. White makers spend £ 50m for M.U. Real Madrid has spent £ 90m for Rashford and Christian Eriksen (Tottenham) to buy.
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