K-pop scandal: Great Gatsby & # 39; South Korea to put on the case for an illegal World News ring


South Korea's one of the K-pop boy bands has retired after being charged with being involved in a prostitution cycle, in the newest scandal t industry.

Seungri, who was part of the world wide industry, said he was going to fight the charges and said he would frighten his leadership group and band members. according to the Yonhap news group in South Korea. The decision follows news about the scandal which was posted on social media on Monday.

The compositions of YG Entertainment, the band's powerful group of talented musicians, have reached 14%, according to Bloomberg. Other companies have lost K-pop call.

Named as “Gatsby Mòr Korea” for its idyllic way of life, the 28-year-old suspects he will purport to foreign owners at several Gangnam night clubs in Seoul.

Unlawful prostitution is in South Korea. The allegations against Seungri will be subject to a prison sentence of up to three years. T He has rejected the charges.

The police are also investigating allegations of Burning Sun's nightclub, where Seungri was a director of public relations, involved in the use of illegal drugs, violent assault and police corruption.

Seungri, who is indeed Lee Seung-hyun, wrote on his Instagram account that he had decided to stop the pop industry. “It would be better for me to retire at this event,” he said. “As this scandal is too big, I have decided to retire. In relation to the follow-up audit, I will assume that it is clear about all complaints.

“I give my sincere thanks to supporters at home and abroad who have loved the last ten years, and I believe this should be due to the reputation of YG and Big Bang. ”

The study has encouraged speculation that the singer cannot start his national service later this month. Each person in South Korea needs to have 18 to 35 years of age to serve for at least 21 months, a measure seen as preventing against attacks from North Korea.

Seungri was going to be registering on 25 March but he could ask him to delay delays as he dealt with the complaints.

The police have said they could still conduct their search while Seungri is working in the army, and army personnel have said that the singer should submit a written request for delay.

The media in South Korea said the police had caught the Seung passport after it had been officially considered suspected.

The group of five people who have won international acclaim since its inception in 2006 is relaxed after a speedy reception which will take place later this month. .

Some followers took social media to pledge the support to the renowned singer. Bloomberg mentions one user saying: “We're calling the voice of a true supporter, who won't fall into the shame, we are supporting Seungri!” T

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