Kaaris was captured by Cyril Hanouna: "No, he did not try to arrange for us" (video)


A few days ago, Cyril Hanouna aimed at arranging the two rappers that everyone talks about, Booba and Kaaris. But nothing happened as it was planned …

That day Kaaris was invited to set the show on 24 January to talk about the new Gold Black 3 album, that Cyril and his friends had a great opportunity to make a call to Booba in the end any of the exhibition (after detention of observers) "make peace"… and the ghost, but during this call, Kaaris felt that Cyril Hanouna was trapped, as he says in Mouv," The livelihood, which is like very close to Booba, had fun in this moment. "Le Cyril Hanouna, they are friends (…) No, he did not try to arrange for us. Without the sentence, it is as if we say that we will & # 39; going to fun his game. & # 39; He wanted to make yellow. I got caught, but here I was"The two rappers are not ready to take their funeral, there is still a question that does not answer … Will the famous fight happen?

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