Kahu will have signs with Cowboys after they have been left from Brisbane


The Cowboys have successfully succeeded Broncos back to Jordan Kahu north to Townsville after six years with Brisbane, North Queensland named.

New from New Zealand's New Zealand Maori Camp in Melbourne, the 28th anniversary in North Queensland on Monday, trained with his new peers.

It is brilliant for the Cowboys and occasionally since the lost of a club from a & # 39; Ben Benba defeated after taking an domestic violence event in security cameras at the Townsville town ban.

Kahu has played No. 1 in addition to the center and its shield in its 95 games with the Broncos, which is marked by its 42 gates.

He also has nine captains with the Kiwis New Zealand playing the three roles.

Kahu is a great opportunity to retire after the death of John Thurston, giving a total of 145 attempts of 77 attempts at 77 per cent over his post.

"To build a Jordan player of abilities and knowledge at this stage of the season, we have a great bonus for us," said Cow Green coach, Paul Green.

"It gives us a lot of depths, it's a very good place and has been playing wings and backups too.

"It's the ability to break the aims of its potato as well as everything else it offers.

Kahu has signed a one-year contract with North Queensland.

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