Kaisa's full-time marketing of wealth products. Most of the assets for Shenzhen's redeveloped project


The original title: Kaisa's full-time marketing of wealth products Most of its fundamental resources for its old restoration project in Shenzhen.

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"I'm preparing a loan to buy a company's wealth and driving instructions." Kaisa staff member told Economic Observer Online that Kaisa Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (now known as "Kaize") added six more rich results to more than a week ago.

"Information headlines or emails are given to departmental heads. The caution is not required for staff to subscribe for more, but a number of departments are given by number of users. and will be completed by 31st December this year. " For example, there is a number of staff in the 7-8 department, and its responsibilities are set at 1 million yuan.

In the "Brochure Promotion Marketing Promotion" found by Economic Observer Online, The first thing that comes to its & # 39; in front of the "special benefit that works for staff: giving you an end of year award and performing a bit".

Kaisa's divisional staff justified the upcoming news for Economic Observer. He stated in principle that the total amount of work is equally divided by the staff in each department, but in its own right, the level of higher level positions is slightly larger. If you do not buy the rich product results of the group, the effects or penalties are not clear. Many staff are currently trying to raise money or apply for credit loans.

Kaisa employees previously mentioned that the Chinese Agricultural Bank was introduced into the online foodstuffs to the Kaisa office building, located in the Luohu area, Shenzhen. According to the official Chinese Agricultural Bank website, the Netease loan is a small consumer loan that will be provided by the Agricultural Bank to a personalized account of the " Agricultural Bank that meets specific terms with a credit letter, self-service, automatic agreement and self-service letter. The maximum loan amount is 300,000 yuan and the loan period is 1 year.

Kaisa's staff managed to produce this product with a credit loan with a level of annual loan interest of 6.18%.

"According to the higher, this is the work that needs to be completed. If your funding is not available, you can buy the friends and family around you, but also the amount of duties. But if I did not buy myself, how can I recommend my friends? " It is said that although the assessment criteria are not yet clarified, according to their understanding, Kaisa has regularly circulated an e-mail within a specific area to inform the marketing activities of all material wealthy.

Kaisa officially responded to the economic vision network, saying that there is no situation for staff to carry marketing marks and to bring staff within the subscription, and not a situation for staff to be able to; buy wealth management materials.

Kaisa reports officially that Kaisa Group has a private private finance company with a private justice fund manager's license filled with the governing body. In accordance with the regulatory requirements of its national national national property, Continuing legal surrender and business industry. At this time, the wealth management products are listed by the regulatory authorities in accordance with relevant requirements. For investors with special qualifications of societies, the sales scale of the products is not limited, and they are paid in time, which will provide more investors. Returned.

The "Wealth Products Marketing Promotion Brochure" refers to six "star results". The wealth product types include targeted funding plans and private justice funds; the main case organization is a including Kaisa Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shenxin Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. Kaisa City Renewal Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd; the annual output comes from 8% to 9.3%; the starting point is between 200,000 yuan and 1 million yuan; the short term is 3 months short term. In 6 months, there are also 12 months and 24 months in the middle and in the long term.

These include the asset level, as well as the major Kaisaye Plaza Guangzhou bigger projects from Kaisa urban renewal projects, as the first phase of the Factory Factory Yajun refurbishment unit in Longgang District , Shenzhen (ie Shenzhen Kaisa Future City, who has already entered the market). ), located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, the old Xuexuegang project, based in the World Building project in Eastgate department Luohu, Shenzhen.

Gabh Jincheng Xiyuan, a targeted funding plan issued by Kaisa City Renewal Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., for example. The production scale is 200 million yuan, and the assets will be used to re-instate Kaibao Longgang ̊ Xuegang Project.

The 500,000 starting sum, which is compiled in a variety of 100,000 yuan. The result is a term of 12 months and can not be released beforehand and is not possible to provide. In the reserve of 500,000-1 million yuan (but only 1 million yuan), the expected return rate is 9.2%; exceeds 1 million yuan (including 1 million yuan), the expected return rate is 9.5%. Income is paid on a fixed date (March 19, June 19, 19 September, 19 December) at the end of each natural season.

The first funding plan has been given by Kaisa with a promise of equality. It is a & # 39; Kaisa City (Shenzhen) Co, Ltd, the first daily revenue repayment product, and the second repayment store is the compensation from the Kaisa guarantor.

Fundamental fund is the foundation of the old Kaixu de Cangxuegang project in Longgang District, Shenzhen. Its total area is The 586,000 square meter project is 521,100 square meters in the demolition, and the division demolished 363,000 square meters. More than 50%.

At the interim interim meeting in August this year, Kaisa clearly pointed out that the old project has been redeveloped into the supply period. At that time, Liu Fuqiang, chief finance officer of Kaisa, said the urban renewal time was longer than the start of normal projects. In the last two years, money back may not be very fast. But the long-term vision is that the cost of land (urban renewal) is very cheap, so the profit is very high.

When it's a redirect talk to & # 39; home to pay cash payment; company, Guo Zhaocheng, chairman and executive director of Kaisa, responded that many people in the town have a negative feeling, but he believes he is mining excavations. Urban renewal is part of the main Kaisa competition in the future. At this time it maintains good development and will send approximately 1 million square meters of land per year to the company.

"In the last few months, housing enterprise funds have been very tight, and large and small enterprises are facing this problem. It is inevitable to provide a wealth of choice for funding. ways. " Financial control indication of 20 main listed companies of the Observer Economic Online The financing cost of many of the wealth management products is higher than 10%. What's up to the marketing of funding materials to internal staff is that the level of return is very difficult to attract many employees to buy, usually there is no scale subdirectory is too big.

In 2017, Kaisa sold around RMB 44.714 million. The annual sales target set up in 2018 is 70 billion yuan. From October 31, 2018, Kaisa's total risk of approximately 49,092 billion yuan has been sold, with approximately 20 billion yuan to be spent in the last two months.

According to the data of the mid-year report, in the first half of 2018, the Kaisa transit ratio was reduced by 300% by the end of 2017 to 258%. B & # 39; The average loan term for the 3 year period, and the average financial price of 8.41%.

"In total, funding costs are rising, especially in the estate industry." At an interim product conference, Guo Yingcheng celebrated, when he was in a while; In the first half of the year, the company's financing was very tight, but it was tight. Look at the second half with a very careful attitude.

From June 30, Kaisa's total loans amounted to 109.621 billion yuan, and around 18,305 billion yuan were repaid within one year, with approximately 23,155 billion yuan paid again within 1-2 years. According to Liu Fuqiang's preliminary statement in the interim product conference, he will pay 11.2 billion in the second half of the year.

In the first half of the year, Kaisa received 14 sites as a whole for around 5.372 billion yuan. In July, Kaisa plans to get 100% interest in the Haikou Ruyi project under the Zhonghong Services, considering 1.4 billion yuan, but has not yet been implemented.

Out of the first half of the year, cash deposits and Kaisa's bank accounted for about RMB26,087 million.Return to Sohu and see more

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