Kale Warning: CFIA remembers some eating pack slices


The CFIA says that packages of Shot Shaps should be thrown out or returned. (CFIA)

The Canadian Food Research Group says that one of the smart salads of Eat Smart has been back back due to Listeria's contamination.

The company says that the 156-gram Live Sailing Pack – Sweet Kale, should be the best before the date of Dec. 3, thrown out or returned to its & # 39; shop where it was purchased.

The CFIA states that the recall product has been distributed nationally, but serious illness has not been recorded related to its removal.

It does not mean that he does a food safety review, Other results may be returned.

Listeria may not have food that is contaminated by Listeria. Smell is damaged, but it can cause death in bad cases of illness.

The CFIA says that the symptoms can include waulking, solution, continuous fever, fever, bad adverse and maze.

He says that pregnant women only have moderate symptoms like flu, but the disease can go ahead to deliver, diagnosis or even diagnosis.

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