Kalin Vrachanski in the love of a queen with Alex Surchadzhieva and two other beauties – Blitz


Kalin Vrachanski is currently in the hard work of three third women. The actor goes to Alex Surchadjieva, Dorothea Toleva and Stanislava Nikolova, who is Walking in "Mother M" with the "M" in the series "Mr. X and the sea", a "Monitor" writing.

Her girls have dropped into their everyday life. Who can do different if there is no new singer in the distance?

Vrachanski warrior, who is known in criminal circles such as Chameleon, has a great disgrace in his & her; the capital and the vacation of Varna. After an incredible event, he has a teacher's identity – a Bulgarian who has been working for many years in Finland, who has still been learning how the education system is still learning.

Observers can expect new covers such as Sky in a butcher's shop – just and # 39; Looking enjoyable in the scene, but the leaders of the Dimitar Kotsev-Shosho and Stanislav Todorov-Rogi series say clearly that this is not a pure comedy.

"The heroes are going on whether they were real or broken, so they fall into unexpected situations," they said.

During a specific screening of the first program, it shows members' views; The castle had two months relaxed at Varna as long as they were. burn. "I was not relaxed," Vrachanski was packing. After she was delighted with the red women who attended the event, the actor said: "It's a good movie to kill. Sometimes it's better than ice cream." In the words of Dorothea Toleva, beautiful, is every girl in her & her; heroes a collective image of the women affected.

In a Crime Comedy, it is part of a life coach (a., A man who provides valuable life advice) and investment management. By launching the show, spectators will have the opportunity to make personal dialogue with the actors. "My heroine is investing in which she is offering advice to people. Indeed, she needs them! Our idea is to develop Victorian times to create an additional connection with spectators , "said the actress.

The actors include Stoyan Radev, Lyuben Kanev, Svetlomir Radev, Hristo Podev, Plamen Velikov, Ina Dobreva and others.

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