"Kama" accelerates the blind from the war elephants U-22 Do not apply for more football even if wounded.


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Thai national U-22 team Coach Coach You can not add the players to add more. Even if some players are injured As well as preparing to accelerate the fever disease as soon as possible Before winning an ASEAN Championship in Cambodia …

On 10 February, 62, the movement of the "Elephants of War" players, a national, under 22's national national television team at the Football Sports Development Center. at the University of Bangkok Thonburi before the ASEAN Competition

Last night, the coach Alexander Alexanderhead gave the mistake a mistake to the players from the warm game with Trat FC. It took about 1 hour to finish.

After the rehearsal, Brasilia's coach leader said "The day we used to correct mistakes in the warming game with Trat FC, whether it's a game and a game game ; there. The speed they get – to get rid of the habit That's normal for young players I try to develop it step by step. "

"We have only two strikers and 1 little wounds. But I can not get players to add more. As we solve the problem by using the players & # 39; we need to replace it. "

In addition, Gamma commented on his competition by Scott Cooper, a former Thai League coach. That is currently taking the work for the Philippine national team that is "I'm happy with the one who has been in the Philippines Philippines U-22. I met myself (Cooper ) Many in the Thai League. Imagine what I can win. But this time is different because it is the national team. It is a coach good, but I still hope to win to keep the record. "

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