Kambala's son returns with the "Arena Riga" battle against Belarusian Naachuk – Boxing – Sportacentrs.com


Kaspars Kambala gave four blocks of boxing, everyone in Las Vegas in 2008, as long as it was disqualified from a basket basket as a result of a # 39; use of banned materials. Kambala won three winners (tapping, technique cracking and points), but one duel finished there.

Then, Alksandr Nahaychuk, who is 28 years of age, is participating in five battles in the boxing box, & # 39; earn one advantage. It was won in mid-2017 by winning the nationalist Artyom Carnakevich, who won three out of 26 during his career. Another thing about Nayachuk is the fact that he has already fought the "Arena Riga", which killed Milan Volkov in March.

On January 23, Kambala took a full farewell game from a basket basket at the age of 40, and went to "Jūrmala / Betsafe". He was 66:78 against the Tallinn "Kalev / Cramo" who was an Eastonian hero, becoming a leading player in the field. Similarly, Kambala won his reactions. However, the future athlete's role is directly related to Kambala le bogsaidh.

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