Kamničanka le Valenčič in a good style to the first point in the MEVZA league


Volley calte voters have also shown growth in a European League league form. In their fourth game, they recorded their & # 39; First advantage, with 3: 0 (18, 21, 16) flat, influencing the Swietelsky team of Bekeshessi. Since Kamnikankam got some of the latest results, some of their options still have to be suitable for their final competition.

Kamnikians played to return to a team, an old man Saro Valenčič, but without Eva Pogačar's first bite, successfully replaced by Špela Marušič. Even the Ungaranians were so perfect, only some of their actors were important.

Introducing a fair and fair game, and then with excellent services, Tina Kaker received a great benefit over the guests. After blocking, Lucy Charuk was already at the 19: 2 traffic light and a winner was made; first set. In the second Kamnikanke it was first, with seven points of difference, but the visitors came to an end 16:17. However, Tine Kaker, who had three consecutive attacks, was the highest value for Kamnik's lead by 23:19, but Lucy Charuk took the second member.

At the third board, the teams were tied to the eighth point, and then Katja Mihalinec's service brought them into the hands of Valencic, which culminated in 14: 9 with three consecutive points from Chalcit Volley. In this way, the problems for the Hungarian people who did not come to the worst situation in Kamnik were over, like Mihalinčeva and Špela Marušič after half half a minute. The seven points of the home team did not win the benefits and their impact was confirmed by Polona Marušič.

"It is true that the guests did not appear in the group we were expecting, but we needed to play a good game, and we got too successful. Again, The actresses are worthy of praise, and we confirm that we have two equal responsibilities with Špela Marušič and that we can count on both in the next season. I am pleased that the things we are doing agree well, we have been disciplined enough in light and blocked balls and their protection, and this gives us confidence for the future. We are able to be more best in those cases. We've also got a lot with Saro Valenčič, "says his home home coach Griogair RozmanSouth Westerly


1. EU Bratislava Chain 5 matches – 9 points
2. Strabag VC Bratislava 3 – 6
3. Bekeshebae 4-6
4. Mladost Zagreb 4 – 6
5. KBM Nova Branik 3 – 5
6. Olomouc 3 – 4
7. Calcit Volley 4 – 3

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