Kamnikians in the first sword have been swept away by #video games


Volcitball Ball Volcitball Volleyball was in the first major derby of 1. DOL in Kamnik flat with 3: 0 in a series sent by defenders; defeated Maribor's title. The guests were on the first two sets, and in the third place everyone was there; guiding the guests, but at the end they lost it from 25:27 and stayed their victory in Kamnik. GEN-I Volley stayed on top of the top with a 3-0 new victory. New Year's Eagles have not set twenty series on this season.

Shopkeepers Griogair Rozman before 200 spectators watched the bad day of the campeons who had many problems with their show, and so with her. game in the attack, the block was also in the competitors' field. The return to the play of Iza Mlakar could not be played, but with 14 points she was still the most effective game of the game. At Calcite, work was done in the biggest attack, Olivera Kostić made 13 points, Tina Kaker 11, six with blocks.

In the first two sets, the guests were always ahead; in & # 39; The first one, 18: 8 came first after Lucy Charuk's services and Eva Pogačnik, four points behind Kostić and Nina Kotnik was blocked. In the second Kamnikanke started by 6: 1, the guests were equal at 10:10, and Kotnikova had the services that care for eight points and a continuing benefit, which was enough for the lead 2: 0. In the third set, Sam Miklavc had three final balls to reduce the score to 1: 2, but they were spent. With Charuk's two blocks, the Kamnik team came out at the 24th point, and with the Kaker block they won a positive victory.

Following the impact of the home in Kamnik, the uncertainty was not uncertain:

GIVE TO YOU what the effects of our #CalcitGirls! ???

Posted by Calcit Volley on Saturday, November 17, 2018

"Girls know what's capable of"

"From the beginning of the season, the girls know what they can do, there was only a case when certain things were coming out. Fortunately it was today. the situation in which Maribor's women returned to Kamnik, we know they were not good, but this also related to us, we showed a very good game. I am pleased to keep the inventive plan, we played all the time, and in the third set, we kept behind the three points at the end of the series to get the chance, "said Rozman's coach after his game.

GEN-I Volley did not keep in the first DOL even a series.

GEN-I Volley did not keep in the first DOL even a series.
Photograph: Fire Stroke

A dead man, Novogoričank, also called keepers

After six rounds, as well as Calcite, there are GEN-I Volley players, who have not lost one series, one hundred years ago, and so they are still in front of Kamnikank. This time, until they won this tour, they only visited Puconci, even though they played practically in the preserved situation, without Lana Ščuka, Tina Lipicer Samec, Mirta Velikonja Grbac, Nuša Ferlinc and Klara Perić, but they had little knowledge of this, as the "keepers" had done the job well.

3 confident also won the Formulate Form team against Ankaran Hrvatin and SIP Šempeter against Ljutomer.

1st DOL, Ladies, Round 6:

Saturday, November 17:
Luka Koper : Calcit Volley II 3: 0 (15, 18, 21)
Calcit Volley : KBM Branik New 3: 0 (16, 21, 25)
Roto-Kema Puconci: GEN-I Volley 0: 3 (-14, -18, -20)
Formis Formula : Ankaran Hrvatini 3: 0 (21, 12, 21)
SIP Šempeter : Ljutomer 3: 0 (11, 11, 21)


1. GEN-I Voley 6 matches – 18 points
2. Calcit Volley 6 – 18
3. KBM Branik New 6 – 15
4. SIP Šempeter 6 – 12
Formula 6-9
6. Ankaran Hrvatini 6 – 7
7. Luka Koper 6 – 5
8. Calcit Volley II 6-3
9. Roto-Kema Puconci 6-2
10. Ljutomer 6-1

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