Kampl: The team was of benefit – News


Kevin Kampl He never decided to decide publicly for a return from the national team of Slovenia. On the other hand, he said he was returning to the selected species in November. But he left it. Who is there? Tomaž Kavčič he lost the election service and took over the management team over time Igor Benedejčič, Kampl Japan Japan Football Association (NZS) told him he had completed a delegation role. At his press conference, the NZS journalist said to the " news conference but only that the players should ask the reasons for asking their decision.

Now, Kampl did just in an interview with Kicker's German sports newspaper. He explained that he has more nowhere when he is no longer traveling to the national teams and games time for the family. He also stated that he explained the reasons for his decision to the football team.

"For me, the national team has always been a special bonus, but now I want to focus on Leipzig and spend more time with my family. Finally, I was back in the Solingen family. My father has been sick for a long time and almost nothing else. For me, the representative chapters are closed. I understand that people in Sllovia do not know; understand this. For me and my body, relaxation is very important. If you play, there is no upgrade if you were now on a representative duty, it would not be so new for your & # 39; upcoming competition match, "Kampl said.

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