Kangaroo mountains and wonders in his mother's sack


With loud work calls, all Kangaroo children are included with the whole family and grow up every day with unpleasantness.

But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life
After 10 hours, when the outbound starts to & # 39; grow faster, here, the baby is too fast, the "little as a pepper" is still peaceful in the "sack" Mother's flower. Little brother. Day and night, my mother will include me to go to her; his heart heard. And then I'm heavier, stronger. Everyone is happy.
But I'm kangaroos and I'm in the middle of the 2nd

Three in vitro product failure and one kilogram in weight

In the Kangaroo Care Room, almost everybody knows the family of Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang with four bugs feeding "children for children". Holding to & # 39; her first baby as a result of her / her fourth result of her red eyes; women when re-calling her baby pregnant baby. Trang said he was very tough and so the two kept very careful. But at 28 weeks, the mother suddenly broke her mind. The "pepper" was born.

"Doctors also say that there is a dangerous risk of birth. But I want a mother, I accept everyone, that children are free as dangerous as I am. behavior, "she remembered Trang.

A Trang child was born only 1.05 kg. So far, when you repeat the birthdays, Trang can not be affected: "The child was born very quickly, but it is undoubtedly not so Little. Look at the injured little child and a terrible sin. "

It is the first day of a & # 39; The birth of a young woman is the worst and sad time. After birth, the page must be in the revitalization room, and the child must be carried in glass due to weakness.

"That day, every night I cried because I missed it, trying to catch a child. Ten years, just to the day I was born, so I can even look at your business, "said Trang.

Two weeks later, the doctors were busy cited and the Kangaroo method was given. "The doctor catches the child to keep the feelings warmer, comparing the series of days to let their mother go early. I do not feel sorry, I've heard it in my heart, I'm not happy I can not say words, "said Trang.

But I'm cangaroo and I'm in the middle of my 3 months
But I played cangaroo and I was a month of 4 months
But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life
Hands holding a fence of milk, eyes are not; Look at children, Truong Mac, her husband, will not get the pleasure: "Children are born happy, hard or tired around, you're OK".

With her Trang couple – Mac, it's probably the "find" and "# 39; Nutrition baby puppies "the day he will forget. Long wait to use a mechanical way to pray for children. At that time, at 5m, his friend gave a bus from Dong Nai to You Hospital Two, Ho Chi Minh City.

Missing its first result. The second time, a pregnant child is 22 weeks too fast, that the baby can not keep it. The third fertilizer failed again. It was likely that both of them had been sending and sending them. accept the outcome.

But no, a baby's pepper came to Trang and his Son as a miracle at his fourth result. His happiness broke when he was born, although a child was a "pepper" but who fought hard with his parents. Yen Nhi's B & B; me.

At this time Nhi is still unable to give his own food. So every 2 hours a day, Trang milk needs to pass through the nose for her baby. Each milking takes about 20 minutes. I sat with my mother and my brother, watching her & her; pipe-milk to look at the little angel lying on his mother's coffin.

But I'm kangaroos and I live in my life 6
But I'm kangaroos and I'm in my 7th year

But I'm cangaroo and I'm in the 8th yearWith his mother, Son, the baby Nhi is the "little angel your brother, an unhappy sister put down."

Unfortunately, not every three of them had been burned like Nhi, three sisters of a pepper, who did not meet the child of Luu Thi Thu Hong (who lived in Binh Phuoc) after about a month .

Three births and usually set to the operating program, it is not responsible; mother when the child is small 3 (weight 1.8 kg – 1.5 kg – 1.3 kg). traffic disaster.

"Three unborn children were born to visit, I feel something, but I did not expect to have an accident right now. My person broke his arm, broke his leg and did not hear a laboratory anyway. Now that all my family would go to hospital, "said Hong.

But I'm kangaroos and I'm in the middle of the 9thThree Hong children did not have an emphasis of 1.8 kg – 1.5 kg – 1.3 kg at birth

In those days later, family and foreign families were once again to Tu Du Hospital and Cho Ray Hospital to take care of their son, the daughter-in-law and three grandchildren still red.

In advance, therefore, Hong's baby house needs to be carried Kangaroo's continuous skin. There is no father around him, so there are 3 grandparents, mothers and mothers who divide her; castle. At the lack of people, Ms. Hong mocked both children on either side of the coffin.

While he was & # 39; Laughing two big girls on her coffin, she looked back to look at her; An infant child lies on the bed. Two children lying on her coffin are still not completely awakened, mouth still continues to cause due to milk.

But I'm kangaroos and I'm in the middle of 10th
In the meantime, Tran Thi Hien, Hong's mother, was the youngest child and fed her grandchildren. At her chestnut milk, Ms Hien is a A complaint: "The father of the next door should not know his body well. This child is the least sensitive.

Despite a lot of experience to look after her children when he was born, this is a The first time Ms Hien has been with her daughter in this way. "Look at the children of a sinner, when the baby is warm, a child is enjoyable. Sometimes I'm crying, but when I go to town, I'm very angry, "she said.

"This is a fun in Kangaroo only this way. The child will sleep on his coffin well. A lovely, warm feeling, hearing of my mind heart and the same thing, "said Hong sister, happily.

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But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of the 12th
But I'm cangaroo and I'm in the 13th year
Nurse Huynh Thi Dieu Thu, who is a leader in Hong Kangaroo, 10 years of midwife, has said that she has met a number of issues like this. Here, doctors and midwives do not get regular care and confidence for mothers.

"I'm strong, I have the reason to make other mothers right," she also said by taking two nurseries, Dieu Thu's support for maternity.

But I'm kangaroos and I'm in mid 14th
But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life
The house with children

At Tu Du Hospital, this special care was done since 1996. After 20 years, the hospital Kangaroo Care Unit now has 13 rooms and 40 large beds for their fathers. , the mother can comfortably feel, & # 39; hitting her little child. Amazingly, the Kangaroo Care Room appears to be nursing parents.

In a shift on behalf of his son, the son of the child quickly put on his chest, bring warm cats to children. Maybe his thanks to his continuing case from his mother, when he moved to his father, still his son, sleep well on his breast.

While he was & # 39; lived in her son, Trang enjoyed a lunch and anecdotes near her father and son lying. Feeding over high-guides, sleep very hard, the health is down, but with the faint; Son and his wife, it is the days of the time in a happy time that they can not be forgotten.

But I'm kangaroos and I'm in my life 16
But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life
Mr Lam (who lives in Binh Phuoc), a member of Doan Thi Ngoc Anh, and capturing his son on a professional coffin. Their baby's daughter was born less than 30 weeks old, with a weight of less than 1 kg. After being built in the process, the child will be transported to the intensive care unit with a "skin to skin" approach to the parent.

At noon instead of his wife and family, he also slept with his son. The man closed his eyes, but his hands were always firmly behind his little friend. Tell me, for her & # 39; The first time, he caught his son, affecting his flesh, he was deeply heard with the feeling of consecrated religious blood.

But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life
Si Dong (age 20, from the Dong Nai country) has been familiar for two weeks when he is a wife. He decided calmly, "I do not want to talk a lot, let me sleep. I often sing songs for my mother's love.

The man with a thin body, face face, dark teams with sleepy eyes, but does not hide their delight.

"I'm scared, I do not believe I have 3 hours to sleep. I'll wake up with my wife sleeping until her wife is healthy. I do not sign in, so you can not sign in, "he said positively.

While Yes was a & # 39; replacing her son, Nguyen Thu Trang took advantage of the bread. The face of her mother is depressed due to her weak health, so scary again there is not enough milk to feed the chest.

But I'm cangaroo and I am in the middle of the 19th century
But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of the 20th
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But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life
Room 2 Kangaroo at noon. Moms do not cause any baby. They all calmly fight against the child, the trip he took with the mirror beside him, look hard on his face.

Holding the mirror in front of them is Duong Thi Nhi (An Giang); Look at all the signs that her son looks. Ask about the feelings she was going to; Feeling, the truthful mother replied: "Oh, how happy you are. Pre-real, redundant and so I have to give birth before the month. Day to take children as opportunities for compensation for more children.

But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life
Alongside Nhi's bed, Tran Thi Nhu Ngoc's mother and child also receives special care from each grandmother and grandmother. Ngoc was born at the same time and two children doing this family are always busy. My father had to go up to an intensive care room. So a grandmother, a grandmother needs to take over her; bag to cover the child. Having lived to this age, after carrying a lot of children, this is a # 39; The first time my grandmother has kept me so funny.

At noon, Kangaroo's room was very calm. Mothers quietly cracked in a beautiful girl, eyes are not hers; look at the children leaving. People are demolished, a & # 39; sleep just under the bed to strengthen the future "restoration" product.

Miracle in Kangaroo

In a very young child, due to uncomfortable parts, children can not change according to the outdoor environment and so there is a very high risk of death. New infants can develop respiratory impairment, clothing, severe disease, long diseases, cerebral hemorrhage. Children are more dangerous, more likely to be children; feeling abnormal, bleeding (lungs, brain, retina). ), fiery tone …

"When capturing the coffin, the baby will warm, he will hear the heart of the heart, the voice of his / her mother. After that, the children's awareness is fully motivated as a full child Of course, Dr. Nguyen Do Thanh Thao, Department of Socialism, Tu Du Hospital said.

The traditional way for older childcare is to help the child to go to; grow up and be healthy. However, it is certain that brains will not grow like this baby as well as Kangaroo infants. The meaning of this method is the link to meat that is; mother, father and loved ones with her dad. Baby Kangaroo babies need continuous encouragement, although they are always silent, but are still alive and emotional.

"When you're sad, when your mother fears, the child will not be comfortable. In most cases, Kangaroo's mother is worried or worried. When the mother is very safe, quiet the child is still and he's getting fast, "he stressed Thao.

But I'm cangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life
But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life

To give kangaroos and kangaroos, every evening, kangaroo competition classes are regularly opened for unmatched mothers to care for their 24-hour-old children.

In the small room, only about 20 m2, not just the mother but also the father, grandmother and children's relatives come to school. Today, Cao Thi Thu Ngan's secondary school nurse is to train classes for mothers as they do; milking, raising children and their children; ensure the child's weight is daily.

Women, mothers sit in the city, a & # 39; The hands of children listen attentively listening carefully to learning under the class. Dismissing a great deal, distance or age, only Kangaroo's "main order" classes are only specific trainees who are experiencing a " try hard to understand. Each classroom lesson will help mothers to & # 39; Breeding is more appropriate and for compensation for the best days of respiratory.

But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life

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But I'm kangaroos and I'm in the middle of my life 28
Every evening, the Neonatology Department of Tu Du Hospital opened a class to teach Kangaroo childcare skills with the departmental department in charge of teaching.

Photographs of parents, Kangaroo's mother, raised a child as a true symbol of the tied stick. The love of the father and mother is the immortal power of the way to revive the lives of small people.

But I'm a kangaroo and I'm in the middle of my life

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