Kansas ruler asks a deputy county commissioner to refer to & # 39; main race & black advisor


Kansas's governor wants to release a white county commissioner who said he was "a part of the clan chief" when he was in a position; Talk to an African-American consultant at a public meeting last week.

Jeff Colyer asks Louis Klemp, chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Leavenworth, to take a step after the "inappropriate comments" made at a public meeting on November 13.

"Our societies do not have a productive and different place, and especially when someone has a public office," Colyer said in a statement. "The incompatible comments made by Commissioner Louis Klemp Leavenworth are unsuitable and do not show the quotas of the county that he represents. So I call him declined as county commissioner. "

WORKSHOP: Louis Klemp, a member of the Board of Leavenworth Commissioners, is coming to fire for a The term uses a permanent race when speaking to a black councilor during a meeting on 13 November 2018 in Leavenworth, Kansas. Board of Commissioners of Leavenworthshire
Louis Klemp, a member of the Board of Leavenworth Commissioners, is coming to a fire to go to; Using the word "master race" when he talks to a black councilor during a meeting on November 13, 2018 at Leavenworth, Kansas.

During a public meeting on Tuesday, Triveece Penelton, a councilor for VIREO Photographic Design in Kansas City, was a presentation to the board of commissioners about community partnership in rural land development in Tonganoxie, Kansas.

In a video of the meeting, posted on YouTube YouTube YouTube Leaveniseach Leasaichean Board, Klemp sent out his plan to develop the land as a place of residence. He said it was an advantage to return business development to the county.

Speaking directly to Penelton, Klemp said, "I do not want you to think I'm getting up because we're part of the master. You know that Your gap is tooth. You never have to forget that. "

Klemp did not explain what he meant with his & # 39; opinion.

The word "headmaster" comes from Nazi terminology, and Frequently describes Adolf Hitler's belief in the best Aryan race.

Klemp did not respond to comments for a Sunday News from ABC News.

We can not reach Penelton too to comment on Sunday.

Leavenworth County Administrator Mark Loughry recited Klemp protection statement, saying that the commissioner did not; mentions his own teeth gap and notes that there was a gap similar to Penelton.

"The use of the" Master Race "word, as it did not expose, to describe the Nazis or is not used in a racial way in this situation, "said Loughry in a statement. "Sir Leavenworth does not allow any tolerance of racism or discrimination in any form from any employee. I am sorry that one of the members of our governing body is unconnected by the same as a result of so much sadness, grief and hate. "

But Robert Holland, one of Klemp's colleagues, said that Klemp had to be disciplined.

"When a clan chief said," there is no clan chief, "said the Netherlands with the ABC KMBC-TV connection station in Leavenworth. "I mean, we are all Americans, we are all in our people. There is no master."

Holland said he had been thinking of moving to remove Klemp, and the term is on to # 39; board runs through January 15, from being chairman of his & her; board.

At the same time, Leavenworth Town Commission held a special Thursday meeting and reported a Klemp report statement and a statement; He asked that he took an apology and took a step.

"These views have led to negative attention widely and have damaged the overall opinion of residents, businesses, cities, groups and organizations in Leavenworth County," said Leavenworth Town Commission. "The Town Commission states to be incapable that there is a racemaker and any other language that has historical connections to racism, apportionment and poor Movement in any situation at any time. "

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