Kanye West defends XXXTentacion on the song & # 39; Lion Lace & song


Days later Kanye West it was reinforced as a place of hospitality on XXXTentacionDistribution Skin, the collaborative "One Minute" spreadSouth West The table is scheduled to officially fall this Friday (December 7), with Yeezy also offering collection is relatively limited in the 2017 XXL Newrespect.

"One Minute" shows that you have a & # 39; making a big rhyme, with the late rapper who deals with the siege and the interplay. Throughout a quaternary western spread, it runs through subjects, such as reputation, love, hatred, success, stereotypes and life after death. In particular, it also deals with domestic domestic allegations that were ahead of X before it killed, with fans interpreting the words as they came to the protection of X.

"So much love at the roof, it's a lonely place / When you find out that the units are not the only servers, "you are gutting, opening the way over an instrument with separate guitar devices. "And your spouse does not know but you do not break it / The world does not know you but with the worst mistakes / So they are on the ass, the same way / Smash on the gas down , Stoney, aye / Crash and go back with Clothing / When I'm on my way, keep the gate X. "

At the end of the road, you continue on the # 39; talk about the legacy of X, face it criminal costs the rapper looked too dead.

"Now your name is corrupted, with the bids they are painting" / The person defends the guilty, no one will send them; blame the complainant, "the West continues." You say it's in Layman's terms, as long as you are in. Waiting for the case / Reasons if the jury says you have done it, the money is payable / Give me one minute, my woman is just protected / My babies are shouting, you are a & # 39; understand what i say & # 39 ;? "

X will then close the song with tight ears. The route quoted, by the deduction of Ye, was divided into Instagram back in June, four days before being killed well.

As published in it telephone calls you got Pitchfork, while X was burned, he faced a number of serious domestic violence and ill health.

"I started raising it because it made one mistake", he remembered one of the calls, and thought about a past event. "And from that, his whole circle went down. Now she is scared. That girl fears for her life. What I understand."

XXL has come out to delegates for XXX to comment on the leaks.

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