Kanye West says that Drake is threatening me & # 39; by phone, to & # 39; gives some new pages


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Much of Kanye West is in mind and has little bit of Twitter character account.

The west left more than twelve tweets (and counted) to focus on Drake on Thursday afternoon. The rapper "Jesus Walks" had promised to settle things with Drake, but it does not appear to have been overwhelmed by a # 39; collapsed with the power of Canada.

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"That excuse is still needed to mention the 350s and try to get rid of your idols' mouth," Yeezy's tune on Thursday afternoon. "They tried to meet you for six months, a bro. You yourself [are] sneak dissing on Travis [Scott’s] to register and & # 39; texting Kris [Jenner] talk & bout & # 39; how the family is. & # 39; "

The public band began between the two parties after a person with the West label and GOOD Music, Pusha T's president, Drake was really shocked if he was living in a short time. The two artists disappeared without track. The whale grew up when Pusha showed that the son of Adonis's son Drake was in the series "The Story of Adidon".

The West criticized Drake for lacking compassion on your Battle with mental health. Drake was formerly preserved for sport at Kid Cudi's well well too. "I need my apologies now," said Thursday.

The West said his questions to Drake had been "worried about me too long." He said Drake was difficult for his / her. Buy the first two sets to the Pusha T. concert. The tact is used to preserve an empty space at a competitive show to reduce their expected presence. See 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule.

West 41, even shared a section from the Bible: "The animals, do not be surprised at the fire test when it comes to your confirmation, as if something was strange to & # 39 , happening to you. But joy as long as you share Christ's suffering, you can also be happy and be happy when his glory appears. "

He made the same screen of text on three separate trips. "Drake added a request for" What What's Real. "Do you want to clean?" Read the text. The "Say What & # 39; s Real" program is 2009 from the Drake mix As soon as possibleThe West The line was made with the west.

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The fans supporting the Daughters published two of his last three recordings, as Drake West was cited just as a response to tweets. "Last Drake's name," he made a tweet. "Mission to be fulfilled." Follow it up, "On the way … it was not cleaned."

The only thing in the West is to give more music content and content tweets.

Speaking there, the West was built where he was born; left on Thursday night after that. Tweeted over 60 – six times – times in a 30 minute race. He stopped his phone call he said to Drake, who was erased from the dangers Drake threatened, and more.

See replies to the West tweets below.

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