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After Kaohsiung's master debated the blue-green face, it was a fact that Yu's had a "Hao Hao" foundation agreement. (Narrator Chen Wenzhao)

2018-11-20 00:04

Narrator Chen Wenzhao / Kaohsiung]After Kaohsiung Mayor debated the blue-green face, Partaidh Foundation found that Chen Qimai had won, criticizing South Korea's self-determination to "complete" and that political ideas often "quiet" and do not bother; They can only rely on the agreement of 1992. Like the same way of fighting for the economy, the movement of Sun Sun four years ago, the Taiwanese people used actions to stop the pro-Jane route Ma Ying-jeou, and Kaohsiung people would not talks about Han Zhong.

Chen Bowei, a candidate from the District Town Council, said that he had previously done a film on the Moto Ferris wheel and used a 2000-word policy feasibility to verify that Yu Korea South is open to the public. "There is no material", the Kaohsiung maritime selection is a function of Kuomintang again to & # 39; escape on Kaohsiung.

Li Xinhan, a member of the Zuo Nan District town council, said that Yu Sheng in South Korea states that "even one hundred percent of the economy is politically", but in the debate, ; he agreed that his basic opinion in the 1992 agreement, apparently self-satisfied,

He asked Korea Korea Yu if the 1992 consensus is useful. Why did Taiwan's economy not be removed after the 8th year of Ma Ying-jeou's rule, but was locked to the Chinese economic circle, and was very different from the Korean weight going to the the world. It is obvious that Yu Yu is not there. He can not be able to regulate the knowledge of his home but again to make a 1992 deal as a parrot.

Li Xinhan stressed that, when Zheng Hongyi's hospitality took part in Chen Qimai's actions, he thought Kaosiung would have been selected by Yu Yu's Korea that Kaohsiung would have been sold. Now, according to the performance of the argument, the Zheng Hongyi statement is very similar.

The Foundation said, as Chen Qimai said in the debate, that the line that includes the 1992 agreement is to go to # 39; making Kaohsiung Hong Kong, and now Hong Kong is being abolished to the United States as China's spell. The town can not reproduce it on the pearls of the past. Kaohsiung should not repeat the same mistakes and move to another way in Hong Kong.

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